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Problems and Countermeasures of domestic food packaging machinery industry (II)

development strategic ideas and key areas of development

China's food and packaging machinery are not only facing the challenges and competition of foreign advanced products, but also facing huge domestic and foreign markets and better development opportunities. Entering the 21st century, the overall level of China's national economy and comprehensive national strength will reach a new level, and the international and domestic environment will provide good opportunities for the further development of China's economy. The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society for all people. The continuous change and improvement of people's consumption habits and consumption quality will certainly promote the development of food and packaging machinery in the direction of multi variety, multi-function and high level. Especially since China has joined the WTO, the market of food and packaging machinery should face the world; The advanced technology and equipment of foreign food and packaging machinery continue to flow into China's market, which also forces us to take countermeasures, constantly improve the level of China's food and packaging machinery, and strive to develop domestic and foreign user markets

in order to meet the needs of the market for the rapid development of packaging and food machinery, "our current data shows that during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, China's packaging machinery should give priority to the development of the following 10 categories of products:

1. Cardboard production and cartoning (box) and printing complete equipment, with emphasis on the development of wide, seven layer and nine layer corrugated cardboard production equipment and cartoning (box) Complete sets of printing equipment, and actively develop complete sets of honeycomb paperboard equipment

2. Because of this, the complete set of beer filling equipment can develop a production line with a production capacity of more than 100000 tons/year, overcome the technical difficulties of the labeling machine, and develop a multi-functional, fully automatic large-scale equipment with the characteristics of high speed, low energy consumption, accurate measurement, automatic monitoring, etc

3. Bag forming, filling and sealing equipment, the development of serialized products and supporting devices, improve the packaging speed, and can be applied to both single film and double film packaging machines

4. Wrapping equipment to improve the reliability of products

5. Aseptic packaging equipment, develop cup type aseptic small packaging machinery, and fill the domestic gap

6. Complete equipment for can making, develop seamless welding wheels and special power supply, and improve production speed

7. Heavy bag packaging equipment, and actively develop fully automatic heavy bag packaging equipment with production capacity of bags/hour

8. Packing and cartoning equipment, focusing on the development of cartons and other forms of packaging equipment, cartoning equipment for small items, to improve the speed and reliability of work, and simplify the structure

9. Bundling and packaging equipment, develop various forms of bundling machinery, and promote the automation level of fruit and vegetable, daily necessities, and industrial material packaging

10. Measurement equipment, actively study, master the technology of combined electronic scales, develop a variety of measurement methods, and match with automatic packaging equipment

at the same time, China's food packaging machinery should focus on the development of the following 13 categories of products:

1, oil processing technology and equipment; 2. Fruit and vegetable processing technology and equipment; 3. Meat processing technology and equipment; 4. Dairy processing technology and equipment; 5. Convenient food technology equipment; 6. Beer and beverage technical equipment; 7. Superfine grinding technology and equipment; 8. Extrusion technology and equipment; 9. Sterilization and maturation technology and equipment; 10. Microencapsulation technology and equipment; 11. Vacuum freezing technology and equipment; Enter the experimental procedure 12. Fresh keeping packaging technology and equipment; 13. Complete sets of technical equipment for deep processing of agricultural products, such as deep processing and comprehensive utilization equipment for soybeans, rice, corn, potatoes, etc

the general idea in the future is: focus on market development, continue to deepen reform, vigorously adjust the structure, speed up technological innovation, improve product quality, improve economic benefits, and ensure the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of China's food and packaging machinery industry

first of all, we should pay attention to structural adjustment and enhance competitiveness. Support and support key dry enterprises, let them develop and grow as soon as possible, encourage enterprise mergers and alliances, vigorously promote the combination of industry, University and research, and form several highly competitive groups. By 2010, the output value of the top 40 enterprises will exceed 100 million yuan, of which 20 enterprises will reach more than 200 million yuan. The production concentration has increased from 15.6% to 25%. At the same time, we should arrange the adjustment of product structure, eliminate a number of lagging products with low productivity and high energy consumption, and produce more marketable new products to occupy the domestic market. Second, we should pay close attention to scientific and technological investment and enhance the ability of independent development. We should strive to apply high and new technology, actively promote new materials and new processes, and raise the technical level of products to a new level. By 2010, we will strive to make% of food and packaging equipment catch up with the level of developed countries at that time, and narrow the gap with developed countries to 10 years. Third, we should pay close attention to product quality and fight for quality turnaround. First of all, we should do a good job in standard work and comprehensively promote ISO9000 international standard certification. At the same time, we should formulate domestic standards for some key products, do a good job in quality management activities, and strengthen technological transformation to fundamentally improve product quality. As long as the whole industry works together and works together, China's food and packaging machinery industry will surely develop stably and healthily

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