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New products continue, and a number of FANUC new robots will appear in IAS

with the 12th Five Year Plan for industrial transformation and upgrading, China's high-end automation technology and services will usher in unprecedented opportunities for development. Robot is a typical achievement and realization means of industrial automation. The safety, efficiency and energy saving brought by robot operation are widely praised. The widespread use of robots has a significant role in promoting the equipment manufacturing industry, helping enterprises to save human costs and improve production efficiency. In response to this demand, the Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAS) of the Shanghai Industrial Expo in November 2012 will be specially added with the robotics show, which will be a grand gathering of industrial robots at that time

in today's fierce market competition, it is undoubtedly the only magic weapon for enterprises to win through technological innovation. This is particularly important in the field of robots. Whoever can constantly compete and innovate is the master of the future. As a robot expert in the world, FANUC has always been recognized by the industry for its strong R & D strength and efficient integration ability. The new products launched every year have become a new force in the intelligent robot market. It is said that in 2012, degradable materials, as its name implies, under certain conditions, a number of FANUC new robots will appear on the IAS robotics show, bringing new solutions to countless industrial professionals

innovation is the driving force to promote enterprises to keep forging ahead. Since the successful development of the first industrial robot in 1974, FANUC has always been committed to maintaining its leadership and innovation in robot technology. In 2011, it was not only listed as 235 in the world's top 500 list of the financial times, but also rated as one of the world's top 100 most innovative companies by Forbes and Reuters. In recent years, research and development have continued, and new products have continued

in 2012, the new multifunctional cost-effective robot FANUC r-0ia was launched globally in June 2012 (see the figure below)

FANUC r-1000ia, a new high-speed compact learning robot in 2011, has brought innovative changes to China's automotive industry with its energy-saving and efficient characteristics (see the figure below)

in 2010, the world of new products can use this method to cast the weight of FANUC m-2000ia, the largest robot on the billet for cold rolled ABS, and it will show its style at the Shanghai WorldExpo (see the figure below)

2009 FANUC m-1ia, the world's smallest and fastest robot, was released at the 2009 Industrial Expo. Its light and compact structure, flexible and high-speed action, immediately swept the Chinese robot assembly, sorting and other markets (see the figure below)

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FANUC Paine mate, the world's smallest spraying robot in 2008, provides the best solution for painting in dangerous working environment (see the figure below)

FANUC attaches importance to research and development. Facts have proved that input and output are in direct proportion. By the end of 2011, FANUC robot has provided 250000 six axis intelligent robots to the Americas, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world with its stable performance and good quality, and its market share is far ahead

at the 2012 Shanghai Industry Expo, Shanghai FANUC has a number of mysterious new intelligent robots in the plastic industry, from raw materials to equipment. You are cordially invited to join us

the world's most diversified manufacturer of FA (factory automation), robots and intelligent machinery. Since its establishment in 1956, the company has always been a pioneer in the development of computer numerical control equipment in the world, making outstanding contributions in the field of automation. In the 1970s, FANUC became the world's largest manufacturer of professional CNC systems. In 2008, FANUC became the largest robot manufacturer in the world, providing more than 240 kinds of robots, with a load ranging from 0.5kg to 1.35t. It is the first company in the world to break through 200000 robots. By the end of 2011, it has broken through 250000 robots, and its market share remains the first. It is widely distributed in welding, cutting, spraying, casting, handling, palletizing, assembly, sorting, testing, polishing, grinding, cleaning and other different manufacturing fields

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