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The artistry of container modeling design in packaging

container modeling design is the same space art, which uses a variety of different materials and processing means to create a three-dimensional image in space. When determining a basic shape, sculpture is often used as the basic means, and then the shape is cut and combined. The positioning of the basic shape comes from geometric bodies, such as sphere solid, cylinder, cone, etc. The bottle shape of cosmetics usually takes the Chinese cabbage cylinder as the basic integral shape, and the three-dimensional cylinder structure is mainly reflected in three aspects: the change of the cylinder end, the change of the cylinder surface and the change of the prism line of the cylinder. The methods of cutting, bending, rotating, concave and so on are used to cut the fracture of the sample at each part on both sides. For example, in the complete design of Lumei cosmetics, the bottle shape follows the cylinder shape, but on the end of the column (bottle cap), 4 pieces and 4 planes are cut by cutting. The combination of arc spherical surface and plane makes the golden brightness of aluminum cover stronger, enhances the visual effect of contrast, and feels novel. The design of many perfume bottles is often cut or twisted on the basis of square and oval, so as to form a polygonal bottle, which enhances the refraction effect of glass

in addition, simulation method is also a design means of container modeling, that is, directly imitating a certain imaging form to enhance the intuitive effect of goods and attract consumer groups. The bionic structure in three-dimensional composition provides a good help for us to reflect the colorful real life and enrich our performance ability. Example: the bottle of Scotch whisky is designed as a bell. Because the brand of the wine is bell, which has achieved the effect of xuanminhou's efforts to promote a number of technical transformation projects to transmit the product brand

French harmony sweet wine bottle is designed as a guitar image, which indicates that the nature of wine is mild and makes people happy after drinking. Although the design form of simulation method is more obvious, it should be relevant and reasonable. The object of imitation should strive for the beauty of form

packaging modeling design is also an abstract form of language expression. How to use abstract language to express the artistic appeal of packaging design also requires the auxiliary practice of three-dimensional composition

1. Vitality the form we study is in a static state, while many natural forms give people beauty with their vigorous vitality. Absorb the spirit of expansion and extension in natural form and apply it creatively in packaging design

2. Dynamic means good qualities such as development, progress and balance. Using the gradual method to form visual time changes, the formation of dynamic composition usually depends on the curve and the rotation of the body in the space in the design

3. The sense of volume refers to the psychological feeling that the volume brings to people. The key to design is to deal with the form of the same volume. How to use different psychological cues, adopt local defect reduction, and add, flip, and bend can reflect better results

4. There are many forms with a sense of depth in the natural form of depth, which can be fascinating, and use abstract forms to reflect depth, such as: contrast and harmony, rhythm and rhythm, the overall shape of the form, such as: Statistical Table 1 and change can meet the work needs, and the spiritual beauty of symmetry and balance

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