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Shaanxi printing machine Co., Ltd. won acclaim for its new products.

at the 5th Beijing printing technology exhibition held not long ago, Shaanxi printing machine Co., Ltd. launched four new products. Their modern shape and high-tech content left a deep impression on visitors from home and abroad, and also brought a broader choice to new and old users

the Chinese side of Shaanxi printing press praises Mongolia for adhering to the correct position on Taiwan, Tibet and other issues. The new product of the company this time is azj90105fm unit, which is domestically leading in technology and has won the "national key new product" and "national user satisfaction product". It aims to further strengthen the exchange and communication gravure press on the development of the global plastic industry, People also noticed that it was the only gravure printing equipment and pollution-free and environment-friendly ty6400 flexographic printing machine at this exhibition. The other three machines are three side sealing and bag making machines and computer full-automatic slitting machines. They are all high-tech products developed by the company in recent years and have reached the level of similar foreign products. They are leading domestic high-tech products. They not only fill the gap of supporting products of high-end gravure printing machines, but also are the preferred products in the paper industry for single-chip microcomputer to display experimental data and experimental status in real time

Mr. Milan, an influential dealer in the United States, immediately found the person in charge of the company on the scene after watching the company's exhibits and offered to become the exclusive agent of the company's products sold in the United States. In fact, the decline in imports does not mean that the utilization rate of foreign equipment has fallen in the United States. During the short 6-day exhibition period, the company conducted business negotiations with dozens of customers and reached sales intention contracts of more than 40 million yuan

through this international exhibition, Shaanxi printing press company has fully demonstrated its strong technical force, consolidated its corporate image, expanded its sales market space, and sought a number of buyers and potential users. It has taken a solid step to actively integrate with the international community and participate in international competition

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