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New products and new fields of polyurethane film

with the increasingly extensive application fields of polymer film, the requirements for the performance of film materials are becoming higher and higher. The commonly used polysulfone and polyolefin films can no longer fully meet the market demand. In this case, polyurethane film should be born. At present, the development and application of polyurethane film abroad are in the ascendant, and the domestic research and application have also begun

polyurethane films are mainly prepared by extrusion, calendering, blow molding and other processes, so its energy consumption is only 1/2 of the latter. Due to the characteristics of polyurethane molecular structure, people can change its elasticity, hardness and hydrophilicity by adjusting the proportion of polyurethane block components. Therefore, polyurethane film, like polyurethane elastomer, has excellent high tension, high tension, waterproof and breathable properties, strong toughness and aging resistance. At the same time, it continues the toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance of nylon 66. At the same time, it also has excellent biological and blood compatibility and chemical resistance. It is widely used in medical and health care, high-end textile fabrics, industry and other fields, and is deeply welcomed and favored by users

thermoplastic polyurethane films are mainly used in the medical and health field, such as surgical clothes, medical gloves, medical mattresses, ice bags, bandages, plasma bags, condoms, wound dressings, artificial organs, etc. Waterproof and breathable polyurethane medical gloves can provide excellent water vapor permeability, bacteria resistance and comfort. Traditional wound dressings have many shortcomings. The use of polyurethane microporous and hydrophilic membranes can make wound dressings have good ventilation and absorption functions. Polyurethane has good biocompatibility and can also be used as transdermal dressings, which can not only effectively separate the unnecessary diffusion of active components in drugs, but also ensure that active components act on the skin at a certain penetration rate. At present, it has been widely used abroad, The biomedical engineering center of Sichuan University has also successfully developed a new polyurethane double-layer wound dressing with good application effect

polyurethane film is used as the fabric of medical clothing, which has the advantages of ventilation, anti bacteria, anti liquid penetration, non degradation under long-term washing and steam sterilization, and reasonable price. The thermoformed polyurethane film developed abroad in recent years is used to produce a low-pressure air bag with a general diameter ratio that cannot be produced by other film materials. It is used in the urinary system, cardiovascular system and tumor treatment devices, and the use effect is good. In addition, the application of polyurethane film in artificial heart, artificial anal bag and other artificial tubes also shows good development potential

similar to polyurethane film, it has optical transparency, soft hand feeling, high extensibility, durability, easy processing, water resistance and breathability. As a high-grade or special textile fabric, it is widely used in daily life. With the continuous improvement of the production process, the earliest polyurethane film and coating were first applied to the clothing of outdoor workers engaged in agriculture, construction, forestry, mountaineering, marine and air rescue, and then extended to footwear. At present, polyurethane film is widely used in shoes, such as all kinds of shoes, because they are sports or special functional shoe fabrics and lining materials; In recent years, polyurethane film is more and more used in the preparation of ready-made clothes and fashion. Clothes made of breathable polyurethane film material not only have respiratory function, but also can resist static electricity; Polyurethane film is used in sports clothing and products to make diving suits, swimming suits, rhythmic suits, air landing suits, inflatable waterbeds, ball liners, kayaks, lifebuoys and other fabrics and lining materials. The newly developed shape memory polyurethane film has good crystallinity. The blocks gather into micro areas to act as physical cross-linking points, and control the shape fixation and recovery of shape memory polyurethane. The shape memory temperature of these shape memory polyurethane is set at room temperature, which is used to produce composite fabrics. As household clothing fabrics, it can keep warm below room temperature and have good moisture permeability above room temperature

in the industrial field, polyurethane film is often used as fire-proof, heat insulation and sound insulation materials, aircraft parts and upholstery, auto parts, waterproof strips, compression gaskets, transmission belts, insulating plates, and safety bulletproof glass. For example, it is made into automobile protective film products in the United States, which are used for covering the front edge of the hood, the front and rear bumpers of the automobile, the lower coaming of the door, the door lock handle, etc., to avoid being hit by stones, wear resistance, and protect the automobile finish. The polyurethane film has good optical transparency and light stability; Many automobile manufacturers in China also use imported polyurethane film to package and protect the interior and exterior of automobiles. The UK has developed a kind of bulletproof glass for aircraft and bulletproof cars, which is bonded with multi-layer polyurethane film. When the plastic film based on polyurethane is also used in mold industry, metal and weapon corrosion prevention and other fields

with the progress of science and technology, the performance of polyurethane film is also improving. For example, Japan Toray company has developed a process that can greatly improve the heat resistance and strength of polyurethane film, mainly using nanotechnology that can control the material structure at the molecular level. Blending modification has also played an increasingly important role in the modification and application of polyurethane films, such as silk fibroin/polyurethane blend films and polyurethane/sodium polyoxyethylene sulfonate composite films developed in China. In addition, there are also a lot of research reports abroad on reducing the production cost of polyurethane film and improving the preparation process

polyurethane film has been greatly developed in the United States, Japan and Western Europe, especially in military, high-end and special clothing and medical fields. However, the research and application of polyurethane film in China is still in its infancy. Most polyurethane films and coatings rely on imports, processed into medical materials and textiles, and then exported abroad. At present, China's only energy companies will also continue to maintain R & D and innovation to produce some ordinary low-performance polyurethane film materials. They are very weak in production and application research, especially the research and production of functional polyurethane films are far behind foreign countries. With the continuous development of China's economy, the number and functional requirements of polyurethane films in domestic medical and health care, clothing and other fields will increase rapidly, Therefore, the application market of polyurethane film in China is broad

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