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On April 20, at the Shenzhen summit of yunqi conference, Alibaba cloud launched four major solutions: IOT, apsarastack, hybrid cloud and video cloud. At the same time, dozens of new products in storage, database, security, cloud market, domain name trading platform, Alibaba mailbox and other fields created new value for enterprises

IOT platform enables traditional enterprises to complete the connection between people, while the connection between people and things, things and things requires IOT. Alibaba IOT platform was also officially released at this conference. This platform integrates products and services such as cloud customs, rule engine, shared intelligent platform and intelligent service integration. Developers can easily realize global fast access, cross vendor device interconnection and interoperability, and easily call third-party intelligent services on this platform, so as to quickly build stable and reliable IOT applications

Alibaba cloud's new products have been bombarded and released by turns. IOT, proprietary cloud, hybrid cloud and video cloud solutions

Cixi municipal government, known as the kingdom of home appliances, has signed a cooperation agreement with Alibaba cloud to jointly promote the intelligent upgrading of the home appliance industry, from traditional policy support and financial subsidies to current technological support and subsidies, and empower small and medium-sized home appliance enterprises with science and technology

private cloud PK private cloud

due to the consideration of their own data center recycling and data localization, a large number of customers need proprietary cloud computing solutions. So that every enterprise has its own flying sky, Alibaba cloud officially released the proprietary cloud solution apsarastack, which allows enterprise customers to build complete proprietary cloud computing services in their own data centers, and create a safe, reliable and flexible cloud computing working environment for customers

Alibaba cloud's new products have been bombarded and released in turn. IOT, VPC, hybrid cloud, and video cloud solutions

apsarastack is based on Alibaba cloud's public cloud platform verified by large-scale market services, and has been optimized for the enterprise market, making it easy to deliver and manage, while meeting stringent security compliance and reliability requirements

apsarastack provides APIs and SDKs for cloud computing, big data, enterprise level Internet architecture, security and other full stack cloud products, which greatly meet customization requirements and ecological construction

The release of apsarastack means that enterprise users can enjoy a consistent experience by introducing the best technical means, the hybrid cloud service of private cloud + public cloud, which can not only endow Alibaba cloud with the same cloud architecture ability for local data centers, but also seamlessly obtain the elastic expansion ability of public cloud, regardless of the differences in software architecture

at present, various video applications have experienced explosive growth, which is inseparable from the popularity of cloud computing. Alibaba cloud released the video cloud solution this time, providing one-stop video on demand and live broadcast services, which integrates content collection, upload acceleration, storage and recording, code conversion/screenshot/watermark, yellow identification service, CDN distribution and player. Users can easily develop their own network video business

Alibaba cloud's new products have been bombarded with solutions for IOT, proprietary cloud, hybrid cloud and video cloud.

it is reported that Alibaba cloud's video on demand solution helps users greatly simplify the development of their own video on demand platform, realize zero coding for the first time in the industry, and build a complete video processing process in one minute, while taking into account the free configurability required by users to use IAAs products. At present, it has supported the most advanced video coding standard in the industry

Alibaba cloud has about 604000 bridges in the United States. With advanced real-time transcoding technology, relying on the same CDN resources of tmall Taobao and highly reliable storage and distribution links, it can support more than 10million concurrent visits. It is estimated that the end-to-end delay of video cloud is only 2 seconds, and the fluency is 98%. Under the same definition, the bit rate is more than 20% lower, which means that customers can save more than 20% of the traffic cost

storage from the perspective of user needs

there have been some new changes in the cloud storage market recently: users have shifted from focusing on storage stability, cost performance and how data is transmitted to how to discover data value through calculation in a timely and effective manner

at this conference, Alibaba cloud proposed the concept of light computing for the first time, that is, in the application interface layer of cloud storage, it will create a series of data processing functions and modules for users, so that the data stored by users can be processed through simple configuration. Alibaba cloud has recently comprehensively upgraded its storage products, integrating data processing capabilities into the functions of storage products

File Storage NAS, which is widely used in the IT systems of a large number of government and enterprise customers, was also officially launched at this cloud habitat conference. NAS provides an infinitely scalable file system, using the standard file protocol nfsv3/v4 version, with a reliability of 99.%. Users' traditional applications and workloads can use file storage without any modification

shared block storage will also be released soon. It supports multiple reads and writes in space, 256tb capacity, 40000iops, 512mbps memory, and perfectly supports OracleRAC, sap, GIS and other applications

table storage launched Pb capacity instances, and the price decreased by 70% year-on-year; The 3-year object storage contract for enterprise customers was released, with the price as low as 0.06 yuan/gb/month

on November 11 last year, oceanbase, a financial level cloud database developed by Alibaba, supported 85900 payments per second, with the ability of three centers to synchronize disaster recovery. At present, it is officially invited to test

finish data migration

also on the double 11 last year, Alibaba first showed off-site multi activity of transaction payment, including datatransmission, an important data transmission technology. This conference was also officially released as a product. Data transmission can be called a necessary tool for enterprise data migration to the cloud, with real-time strong synchronization of 30000 data per second

apsaradbforpetadata, the Pb level cloud database that can be called the ultimate choice of enterprise level massive databases, is officially launched. It is welcomed by enterprise customers with its low cost, high scalability, MySQL protocol compatibility and other characteristics

cloud service is playing rogue without talking about security.

from the first day of its establishment, security has been the first attribute of Alibaba cloud. At this conference, yundun family brought two new products: Web application firewall and prophet plan

web application firewall integrates Alibaba's more than ten years of security attack and defense experience. When exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, it is a powerful tool for protecting web applications such as stations and apps, focusing on protecting users' web applications. It can avoid data leakage, page tampering, and user privacy leakage caused by web attacks on users' stations. It can also prevent CC attacks, slow CC attacks, and application layer CC attacks, and support HTTPS. During the double 11 last year, Alibaba Group deployed a web application firewall throughout the site. At present, Alipay and Taobao are both customers of this product

in addition, in order to better help enterprises find their own system security problems as soon as possible, Alibaba cloud specially launched the prophet plan to build a hidden communication bridge between white hat security companies and enterprises. The prophet plan aims to help enterprises establish private vulnerability collection centers, discover the security risks of business systems in advance, ensure the security risks, and make the layout and sales network the foundation of the development of leading enterprises; In the field of engineering projects, it can respond and repair quickly to prevent greater safety losses

build an ecosystem

the conference released a new software ecosystem strategy, comprehensively upgraded the existing cloud market, and created the first platform for software trading and delivery. More than 3000 software from nearly 500 well-known software vendors at home and abroad, including UFIDA, Acer information, Runhe software, Zhuyun, kongqiaokela, Shuan data, dieyun, fanwei, changjietong, Tongda, have entered the cloud market. Users can purchase directly through Alibaba cloud officials and open software + cloud computing resources with one click

in addition to storage, database and security products, the mailbox and domain name products required for the establishment of the enterprise also have important upgrades. Alibaba cloud mail was officially renamed Alibaba mailbox. The renamed Alibaba mailbox, in addition to providing more secure, stable and fast mailbox basic services, has also created a one-stop solution for common office needs for enterprise users, and added convenient applications such as approval process and travel. Users can easily and efficiently complete daily office collaboration and transaction management through the mailbox

the domain name trading platform was officially opened. The domain name trading system based on Alipay secured transactions provides safe and convenient domain name trading services for both buyers and sellers. Buying and selling domain names is as simple as Taobao

cloud analytics intelligent parsing upgrade, fully supports multi line operators' provincial intelligent parsing and multi line overseas countries' intelligent parsing, covering 31 provinces (cities, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) of China Mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications, and education, as well as 34 countries and regions on 6 continents overseas

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