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Valin Xingma series new product tour was popular with customers in Jiaxing

Valin Xingma series new product tour was popular with customers in Jiaxing

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on July 28, the Valin Xingma new product Tour team came to Jiaxing, which is known as the "land of plenty". Although this is the first time that the new models of Hamma and xingkaima series have entered Jiaxing, they are surprisingly popular with Jiaxing customers. The user Symposium in the afternoon of that day attracted more than 200 customers from Jiaxing who can save fossil energy and the surrounding areas

the promotion of new models of Hanma and xingkaima series is the highlight of this activity, and it is also the focus of Jiaxing customers. Before the symposium, many customers visited and took photos in the exhibition area of tour vehicles, showing great enthusiasm for the new models. Many users can't wait to get on the cab, start the vehicle and experience the excellent performance of the new model. Customers also listen carefully to the on-site explanations of technical experts around the exhibition car and ask questions from time to time

At the symposium, Xia Hong, the group's marketing director, introduced the development history of the company and the new products brought this time in detail to the customer representatives present, He said: "The earliest users must know that our independently developed Valin mixer chassis came out in 2004, and it was also refitted into a concrete mixer, and the first generation of products was put into Zhejiang. After more than a decade, our company has been committed to product research and development and technological upgrading. Today, we have brought our independently developed engine, gearbox and axle. I compare them to 'diamond partners', because each of our powertrain Chengdu is internationally advanced and domestically leading. Hanma engine is characterized by safety, and an important aspect is reflected in its in cylinder braking technology. China has a vast territory and complex and diverse road conditions. With the in cylinder braking technology, you don't have to step on the brakes frequently when going downhill, and you don't burn oil. It can bring more economic benefits, environmental protection benefits, and longer service life. It is manufactured in accordance with German standards. Therefore, our 'diamond partner' will definitely surprise you. "

at the symposium, some Jiaxing customer representatives also shared their experience of using Valin star carriage for many years. Chu Yueming, deputy general manager of Pinghu anda automobile transportation Co., Ltd., said, "as early as 2006, our company began to use Valin products. After using it, we found that Valin cars are better in terms of fuel saving, handling and product updating, which has indeed brought us higher economic benefits. Therefore, after that, our company bought more than 60 sets continuously. If we buy more vehicles, Valin cars are still our first choice." Jiaxing Zhongyuan concrete (2) general plastic production enterprise accelerates the pace of technology research and development, said Wang Shichao, general manager of the company: "I have used the first generation of Xingma mixer for the first time since 1998. Until now, I have used the new generation of self-made Hanma power mixer. All the mixers of our company come from Valin Xingma company, and have gone through 16 years together with Valin Xingma. The current Hanma power mixer has strong power, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, reasonable fuel consumption, greatly reducing the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, which has brought good economic benefits to our low efficiency people. ”

the event also received strong support from Jiaxing Municipal Association of non-governmental organizations and Concrete Association. Zhong Songlin, President of Jiaxing concrete and cement mortar industry association, and Zhu Hanmin, former director of Jiaxing Municipal Association of non-governmental organizations, attended the Symposium and delivered speeches

Wu Hongjun, chairman of Jiaxing Hongyuan Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., a local dealer, showed high enthusiasm for the promotion of new models in Jiaxing, He said in his speech: "After working with Valin Xingma for ten years, I can realize fully automated manufacturing. I deeply feel that the leading group with high strategic vision, efficient talent team, rich and colorful corporate culture and first-class products of Valin Xingma company have provided enough confidence and courage to dealers; Valin Xingma is constantly committed to technological innovation, and today it has brought us new products. I believe these new products will soon be sold in Jiaxing market Get user approval. "

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