The hottest machenike mechanic t57d2 is ultra-thin

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How about machinist t57 D2 ultra-thin HD game book? Machinist t57 D2 comments

recently bought this machinist t57 D2 ultra-thin HD game book with a unique 15.6-inch laptop, which has been used for a period of time. Let me talk about my feelings about using this machinist t57 D2 ultra-thin HD game book as follows:

first of all, the computer configuration is very good, and the system is installed on a solid-state disk, and the boot speed is very fast. The first thing I got was Master Lu's score. It was easy to score 160000 points. Both fans were turned on without burning at all. The first time I used windows10 system, I was not familiar with some new functions. I will try installing games in the future. At present, it is much faster than my old book in terms of corresponding speed

then I'm very satisfied with the appearance of this book, and the material feels good. In particular, there are three ways to change the resonant frequency: changing the quality of the counterweight weight; Change the number of accumulators; Change the grade of the sectional area of the pipeline connecting the hydraulic cylinder and the accumulator. Reprint other friends to use comments to share with later friends for reference

mechanic t57 D2 ultra thin HD Game Book configuration parameters can also select other corresponding standards (no more than 5) according to customer requirements [check the official quotation]

15.6 inch


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HDMI interface camera function speaker USB 3.0e-sata

whether there is a built-in battery

removable battery

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communication technology type

wireless card Bluetooth

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