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Mechanical intelligent rescue tools

whenever the sad news of the sacrifice of fire fighters and armed police soldiers in heroic disaster relief comes, people will feel great heartache and regret, and also feel helpless. How we hope to have a good way to not only let them successfully complete the task, but also let the young flesh and blood avoid facing the threat of fire and landslides

recently, the centralized appearance of the intelligent product group of Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd. is making this beautiful hope a reality

excavators can also be "driverless"

"boom..." after a violent explosion, excavators and loaders emit thick smoke. First, remove the electric poles and boulders that fall on the fiber road with two protective barriers (resin and polyurethane coating) to block the ultraviolet light from shining on the fiber road, then transfer the liquefied gas tanks and other explosives, and then put out the raging fire on the site with high-pressure water guns...

recently, The author saw an extremely shocking disaster scene simulated rescue drill at Xiamen Construction Engineering Group, a member enterprise of Haiyi group. The reason why I feel shocked is that these excavators and loaders are all "driverless" in the whole operation process

the secret of "driverless" is hidden in the safe operation area far away from the disaster site. The operators Lin Guanpeng and Wu Zhiming cooperated closely, and remotely controlled the UAV in the sky and the Intelligent Loader and excavator on the ground to carry out rescue operations through visual inspection and display screen observation. The instructions of the rescue command center, through a small joystick, are transformed into rescue operations on the rescue site, such as breaking obstacles, clearing deposits, removing dangerous objects, which are safe, reliable, intelligent and efficient

"with this intelligent product, fully armed rescue workers will no longer have to rush into the fire at the risk of their lives, and it is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of October 2018; the 20000 ton functional masterbatch project covers an area of 35 Mu and relies on manpower to remove unstable sources of danger such as liquefied gas tanks, oil tanks, toxic gases, and transfer trapped people." Zheng Jianfeng of Xiamen fire brigade said so

Bai Feiping, President of Xiamen Engineering Group, introduced that the latest intelligent product of Xiamen Engineering Group has multiple functions. Through quick replacement of accessories, it integrates explosion-proof and fire-fighting functions such as demolition, crushing, fire extinguishing, etc; Through the smart cloud platform of XCMG, it can effectively help the armed police, fire and other emergency rescue departments to build a modern three-dimensional rescue system, and realize the on-site intelligent joint operation of multiple intelligent products

as a strategic partner unit of the armed police transportation force, the backbone of national emergency rescue, XCMG has set up an emergency rescue office, which has successively participated in the rescue and rescue work of major disasters such as the 1998 Yangtze River flood, Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, Qinghai Yushu earthquake, Gansu Zhouqu debris flow, Tianjin Tanggu dangerous goods warehouse explosion and so on

"a strong sense of society encourages Xiamen workers to change the current situation that armed police and fire fighters sometimes face sacrifice. For this reason, Xiamen workers worked hard, increased technological innovation, and finally launched epoch-making intelligent construction machinery products." Bai Feiping said

such a unique simulated rescue drill, the centralized appearance of the intelligent product group of Xiamen Engineering Group, which represents the leading level of intelligence in China's construction machinery industry, announced the arrival of the "driverless" era of construction machinery, and also predicted that China's construction machinery industry has ushered in a new era of intelligence

intellectualization promotes the transformation and upgrading of the industry

in recent years, as China's economic development has entered the new normal, the construction machinery industry bid farewell to the era of rapid growth and fell into a long-term low-level operation. The problems of weak demand and overcapacity have plagued this important equipment manufacturing industry, and the transformation and upgrading of the industry is imperative. Many enterprises overcome the pain of the industry downturn, strengthen the cultivation of "internal skills", and make efforts to break through in all directions, such as technological innovation, supply side reform, market development and so on

intelligent manufacturing is a common direction of many enterprises. The "in-depth analysis of the construction machinery industry in and the guiding report of the 13th five year plan" pointed out that intelligent manufacturing is the main direction and the fundamental path to realize the transformation of China's machinery manufacturing industry from big to strong. It is necessary to implement intelligent manufacturing engineering, carry out the integrated innovation and engineering application of the integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing equipment, develop intelligent products and intelligent devices, and realize industrialization

in this situation, Xiamen industrial group followed the policy guidelines of "interconnection +" "made in China 2025" and supply side structural reform, and joined hands with AVIC to integrate Aerospace Military Technology; Use intelligent electronic control to help the product upgrade; Lead domestic intelligent emergency rescue technology, adhere to technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing, and carry out multi-directional transformation and upgrading. This time, the intelligent product cluster, whose products cover high-altitude demolition and rescue intelligent excavators, intelligent loaders, intelligent graders, etc., has led the new trend of "intelligent transformation and upgrading of construction machinery"

Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that the successful R & D and industrialized application of smart products of XCMG series has ushered in a new era of intelligent transformation and upgrading of construction machinery products. This is of great benefit to the industry as a whole to quickly get out of the trough, break through the siege, and improve the core technological advantages and international competitiveness of China's construction machinery. It will also guide the industry from price competition to differentiated competition with technological innovation as the core

Bai Feiping introduced that those who participated in the rescue exhibition were the high-altitude demolition and rescue intelligent excavator and intelligent loader among the new products launched this time. This excavator can be operated in a large range, and it is small in size and easy to transport when it is recovered. This equipment can be equipped with explosion-proof fire water monitors, hydraulic tongs, hydraulic shears, crushing hammers, block grab and other devices and accessories, which truly realizes the multi-purpose of one machine, and is very suitable for the rapid emergency rescue of fire prevention, armed police, transportation and other departments and the modernization needs of coping with various disaster environments. The Intelligent Loader realizes the technical characteristics of automatic adjustment of working mode, simplification of operation, remote control, remote management, etc., breaks through the key technical bottleneck of Intelligent Electro-Hydraulic Control System Integration of domestic construction machinery, and realizes the development of construction machinery from traditional mechanical or pilot hydraulic control technology to advanced intelligent high-efficiency electro-hydraulic control technology

"chinachip" seizes the technological commanding height

"driverless", remote control, and intellectualization. The breakthroughs of these new technologies representing the development direction of the times cannot be separated from the agile intelligent telex control system known as "chinachip" in the field of construction machinery. The system has independent intellectual property rights and is the first in the industry. It is jointly developed by Xiamen Industrial Group and AVIC Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Institute

due to its late start, China's construction machinery industry has been technically controlled by others for a long time. It has been difficult to achieve a breakthrough in the technology of stacking materials layer by layer to form a three-dimensional entity in the core fields of hydraulic parts, transmission technology and so on, which has also led the industry to a vicious cycle of price competition. "This breakthrough in electronic control technology between Xiamen Engineering Group and AVIC automation will bypass the shortcomings of core technologies such as hydraulic parts and narrow the gap between China and the world's advanced technologies." Qi Jun said that the unique "China core" technology, combined with IOT equipment, integrates visual acquisition, intelligent computing, and big data analysis, making XCMG intelligent manufacturing a powerful force, and will also lead the intellectualization of China's construction machinery to the fast lane

it is understood that the smart products of XCMG equipped with the smart electronic control system are efficient and safe, with a high degree of cooperation and matching. As a necessary "sharp weapon" for modern emergency rescue, they can effectively reduce casualties and disaster relief costs with leading manufacturing concepts and intelligent technology, especially in the emergency rescue of fire, dangerous object explosion, earthquake, flood, debris flow disaster, high dust Under severe working conditions that threaten human health, such as high pollution, it will replace manpower to play a role

"as an integrated innovation and engineering application of the integration of China's new generation of fly by wire control technology and manufacturing equipment, this intelligent control system has realized the digitization, intellectualization and localization of China's construction machinery basic components, which is a milestone technological change in the construction machinery industry." Tenglin, Secretary of the Party committee of AVIC Xi'an Flight Control Research Institute, said, "the intellectualization of construction machinery requires large manufacturers such as Xiamen Construction Engineering Group to uphold the spirit of innovation and promote the industrialization process; at the same time, it also requires the support and affirmation of the majority of user groups to promote the reform and innovative development of the industry in terms of manufacturing, after-sales service, operation mode, etc."

Wang Ruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation, said that since the beginning of the new century, innovation driven has become the core strategy for all economies to seize the commanding heights in the future. From the perspective of the development characteristics of the industry, positive progress has been made in the transformation and upgrading of the industry. The investment and proportion of the machinery industry in strategic emerging industries have increased steadily. The growth rate of investment and the growth rate of main business income are higher than the overall and average level of the industry. The contribution rate of new products to the growth of the industry continues to improve, and the effect of innovation driven leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry is increasingly apparent

"Innovation is the soul of XCMG to achieve sustainable development and enhance its comprehensive competitiveness. XCMG has always adhered to the innovation drive, promoted the upgrading of a full range of products through intelligent high-tech, provided customers with system product solutions, and truly based on market demand, from the user value, gradually expanded to the underground space development, marine machinery and other fields, committed to becoming a respected national brand manufacturer of construction machinery 。” Said xuzhenming, chairman of Xiamen Xiagong Machinery Co., Ltd

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