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Midea "machine replacement": the way of industrial 4.0 exploration of home appliance giants

Guide: on the production line, from copper tube bending, to component assembly, bar code pasting, leak detection, vacuum pumping, and then to finished product packaging and warehousing, these multiple processes that were originally manually operated are now completed in an orderly manner by robots and robots

on the production line, from copper tube bending, to component assembly, bar code pasting, leak detection, vacuum pumping, to finished product packaging and warehousing, these multiple processes that were originally manually operated are now completed in an orderly manner by robots and robots. The material delivery vehicle shuttles automatically on the assembly line. There are more than 5000 sensors in the plant, which feed back the real-time information of all links of production to the central control room in time. There are many LCD Kanban on the wall, which can monitor the production, high-altitude logistics, ground logistics and other situations in time. The managers can control it through mobile terminals such as, tablets and so on

this part is generally a land (SEA) military fastener with aviation quality processed from aluminum blank

this is a scene seen in Guangzhou Nansha Meimei's first open intelligent factory on January 20. Meidi took the lead in realizing the concept of multi robot series connection, special aircraft interworking and man-machine interworking in the household appliance industry. This is also the latest demonstration of the accelerated transformation of traditional home appliance giant Midea to intelligent manufacturing

in recent years, high production costs, difficult recruitment and labor shortage have become the development problems faced by the traditional manufacturing industry, while air conditioning manufacturing enterprises often encounter the problem that recruited workers are unwilling to do high-risk and labor-intensive work in the production process. In order to absorb the pressure of rising production factor costs and solve the problem of labor shortage, Midea Group has introduced robots since 2011 to improve production efficiency and cope with flexible production through innovation driven development

Wu Wenxin, vice president of Midea's expanded function group and President of the household air conditioning business unit, told the times weekly that Midea plans to invest 4-5 billion yuan in the next five years to build all its household air conditioning production lines into intelligent chemical plants in accordance with Guangzhou and Wuhan demonstration plants

it is understood that since 2011, Midea air conditioner has lost 40% of its production workers, and the number will continue to fall to 30% in the next three years. Wang Xiaojin, general manager of Guangzhou intelligent factory of Midea household air conditioning division, said: in the future, there may be no screw posts. Workers need to know robot adjustment technology and production line technology, and the production line will have higher requirements for employees. We even have a plan that all undergraduate students will be selected for the future production line

intelligent chemical plant landing

in the first three quarters of 2015, Midea Group achieved an operating revenue of 112 billion yuan, an increase of 2.2% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 11.012 billion yuan, an increase of 23.0% year-on-year, becoming the king of profits in the household appliance industry

as shenshanjun, President of Mingjiang intelligence, said to the times weekly: it seems that there are no home appliances that Midea doesn't make. As long as you can think of them, Midea will have them. Midea, which has a large number of products and a large number of users, has long been aware of the changes in user needs, differentiation and personalization, and has been working hard to promote it

for example, if users want to place an order for intelligent air conditioners, our color is white, and users like blue, they can place a blue order. After placing an order, the app will transfer this information to the business department for design transformation. After transformation, it will be transferred to the manufacturing system through the planning system for material procurement, production and manufacturing, and finally directly sent to the user's home through logistics distribution. All these are standardized processes. The ultimate goal of Midea's all intelligent factory is stable quality, optimal cost and flexible delivery. Wu Wenxin further explained that Midea has been transformed since 2011, and all products have been upgraded. In 2015, all outdoor and indoor units with honeycomb pattern on their surface have been upgraded for the second time. At present, Midea Nansha factory has built two automatic production lines, one is the internal unit installation line of air conditioning, the other is the external unit installation line of air conditioning, and these two production lines also have c2m capacity

Wu Wenxin told that the personalized c2m customization business will be launched this year, and individual consumers will be able to place orders directly to the factory to produce customized products. At the same time, the information of the factory production line is also closely connected with external users. Dealers can always know the production progress and logistics progress of products through the terminal. Customers can also enter the order number in the mobile app and send thousands of Rongfu bags and rich and exquisite awards!, Check the latest progress of product production, storage and distribution

what if the user's air conditioner breaks down? Midea real-time diagnosis will tell you which place is broken, where is the nearest maintenance point near your home, and what the number is. At the same time, it will synchronously push the broken information of the air conditioner to the maintenance point and automatically connect. Needless to say, when your air conditioner is broken, the maintenance will come automatically. This is the intelligence of service. Now we are still promoting this. Wu Wenxin said to him

Yang Yuqiang, the technology provider of Midea's intelligent air conditioning production line and the vice president of Bozhong Seiko technology Co., Ltd., told the times weekly that one of the advantages of Midea's intelligent production line is that it increases the traceability, adds image sensors, torque sensors, etc., grabs data in real time, has pictures and data, where each machine does it, what problems it has, and what problems it has when it comes to customers, even five or ten years later, Can be prosecuted

and Shen Shanjun said to: just playing moss technology, you must have a very thorough understanding of a product to complete this action. Including whether to use a piece of electricity first, or grasp the screw first, how about the beat, and how many turns it is appropriate to not loosen. These are precise effects that can be achieved only with the full cooperation of the majority of technical personnel

in March and April last year, Bozhong Seiko began to negotiate and cooperate with Midea to establish an intelligent production line. Yang Yuqiang sighed deeply: Germany proposed industry 4.0 in 2013 and plans to spend years to realize it. However, China will inevitably experience pain if it directly skips industry 3.0 and changes from industry 2.0 to industry 4.0. According to Yang Yuqiang, when we first talked about the concept of c2m, we felt it was very difficult, because Midea had a small number of products, but there were many models, which was difficult to do, because in order to engage in automation, we must have materials that conform to automated equipment, not equipment that conforms to automation, which would cost a lot, and the effect may not be good. However, Midea has standardized and modularized the process control and product size in advance, and shared all the production processes, so the intelligent transformation of these two production lines was soon completed

these two production lines have broken through 8 world-class problems and 17 industry-level problems. They should be regarded as the most advanced production lines in the domestic industry, integrating informatization, digitization, intelligence and automation. After the concept of made in China 2025 came out, the most basic version was implemented by Midea first. Yang Yuqiang said to the times weekly

Midea home air conditioners have six factories, of which Guangzhou and Wuhan factories have become demonstration sites of intelligent manufacturing. At present, there are two automatic production lines respectively. Once mature, other factories will also copy these practices. Wu Wenxin said that it will take five years to spend 4billion-5billion yuan to establish a standard smart factory to respond to the market quickly

In Wu Wenxin's view, intelligent manufacturing is the only way for China's industrial development in the future, and the situation will force enterprises to do so. Midea will gradually build an intelligent factory system with automatic equipment, transparent production, intelligent logistics, mobile management and digitalized decision-making

take a production line as an example. For an ordinary production line, it takes 45 minutes to produce product a and convert to product B. the qualification rate of one-time assembly is only 97%. There are 6 information-based quality control points. The number of workers needs 160. The automation rate is 4% for internal machines and 8% for external machines. For the fully intelligent production line, the change time is only 3 minutes, the qualification rate of one-time assembly is 99.9%, the number of information-based quality control points is 108, the number of workers is 51, and the number of robots is 68. The automation rate is 64% for internal machines and 65% for external machines. From the surface data, we can see the significant improvement of production efficiency. In the past, our traditional delivery cycle was 20 days, but now it is 9 days

Wu Wenxin revealed that the number of workers in Midea air conditioner reached the peak of 50000 in 2011, decreased to 28000 in 2015, and will further drop to 16000 in 2018. In this mode of intelligent production, the ideal number of people should be reduced by 70%, and the production line of spare parts should be unmanned

it is understood that the number of robots on Midea's production line increased from 50 in 2011 to 562 in 2015, and will further increase to 1500 in 2018; The automation rate is also expected to further increase to 50% in 2018. As a result, the monthly capacity of air conditioners will continue to expand, from 4million units in 2015 to 5million units in 2018

Wu Wenxin introduced that Midea air conditioner has invested a total of 1billion yuan in intelligent manufacturing since it began to promote automation in 2011. At present, there are 562 robots, with an average automation rate of 16.9%, which is far higher than the industry average of 7%, and has saved 22000 labor costs

it is worth noting that with the popularization of intelligent production lines, how to balance intelligence with personnel disposal and talent shortage has become a big challenge for Midea

Wu Wenxin emphasized that the promotion of intelligent manufacturing technology is based on the consideration of multiple factors. First, intelligent manufacturing technology can improve product quality; Secondly, intelligent manufacturing technology can realize flexible production; Third, it is out of cost considerations

Wang Xiaojin, general manager of Guangzhou intelligent factory of Midea household air conditioning division, said that in recent years, some workers have been lost every year. In terms of decreasing personnel, factories generally maintain the principle of only going out but not going in, which is the result of gradual reduction. In the future, there may be no screw posts. Workers need to understand robot adjustment technology and production line technology. In the future, the production line will have higher requirements for employees. We even have a plan that all undergraduate students will be selected for the future production line

according to the plan, the production beat of each air conditioner in the internal machine production line of Nansha factory is 14 seconds, but it still needs 20 seconds at present. Wu Wenxin frankly said that it still needs further debugging and improvement. It is expected that the conditions for c2m customized production will be available after the Spring Festival in 2016

at present, Midea air conditioner is not only equipped with WiFi as standard, but also has self diagnosis function, self-learning function and self query function. The degree of intelligence has been very high, and the proportion of intelligent products is as high as 70%. Wuwenxin told

the air conditioning market, which has experienced a whole year of price fighting and market decline, has shown fatigue. In Wu Wenxin's view, the domestic household air conditioning market will stabilize temporarily in 2016, and will not continue to be popular in the price war as in 2015. It should be said that with intelligence, further cost performance, and quality assurance, Midea did not perform well in 2016, which is impossible

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