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Jinan Languang Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging analysis instruments in the world, will launch the newly released tsy-t3 moisture permeability tester with 1 chamber and 2 chambers in the industry for the first time in the domestic market. This instrument has become the first 12 chamber water vapor transmission tester with weighing principle in the international market

the barrier performance of packaging materials plays an important role in the quality and preservation of food and drugs. For this reason, the relevant departments of the state have specially issued mandatory standards on the barrier test of packaging materials. Therefore, more and more film manufacturers and film users, as well as quality inspection institutions in provinces and cities, packaging majors in Colleges and universities and local food and drug research institutions, have put forward higher and higher requirements for the efficiency, accuracy and intelligent operation of barrier performance test instruments. Jinan Languang testing instrument company, which strives to establish the world's first brand in the flexible packaging testing instrument industry, will take it as its responsibility to comprehensively improve the quality control of packaging materials. With large investment and production, it has devoted itself to developing the world's first fully automatic 12 chamber "sponge" with instantaneous horizontal or vertical displacement, high-precision tsy-t3 moisture permeability tester

Mr. Jiang, general manager of this high-tech company, said: "The tsy-t3 automatic moisture permeability tester launched by LAN Guang this time is the masterpiece of this 2. The research sample is developed by the technical R & D personnel of the casting company. It is an efficient and high-end testing instrument independently developed by LAN Guang and specially provided for the domestic and foreign flexible packaging industry. The birth of this instrument will greatly improve the speed and quality control of moisture permeability testing by flexible packaging related enterprises.

Jinan LAN Guang relies on the global leader The first technological advantage will continue to increase investment in the flexible packaging testing instrument industry, and establish a film barrier testing laboratory and a Sepp analysis laboratory. Through professional research and analysis, we can provide customized products and solutions for Chinese customers, improve the safety of Chinese food, medicine and other packaging, and better integrate with the international industry

it is understood that at present, a variety of flexible packaging analytical instruments of Jinan Languang testing instrument company have been widely used by domestic government departments, research institutions, enterprises and institutions, including food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and so on

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