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"Machine replacement" boosts the transformation and upgrading of the footwear industry. Wenling shoe enterprises break the cocoon and become butterflies

"'machine replacement 'is the only way for shoe enterprises to transform and upgrade." Like BIC, Zhuoling shoes also invested more than 2million yuan this year and introduced a production line. "This assembly line is mainly used for molding and consists of more than 20 equipment." Sheng Jianyong, the person in charge, said, "in half a month, the assembly line can be put into use in the factory, which is expected to improve the efficiency by 30% and reduce labor by about 14."

[beating people with robots Wenzhou footwear industry is ready to move] at the beginning of this year, a fire in Dadong shoe factory caused a shock, which also prompted the government to learn from the pain and launch a major rectification action for safety production with unprecedented strength: more than 10000 shoe enterprises all stopped production and were audited one by one. All three in one enterprises integrating accommodation, warehousing and production, and enterprises that do not meet the conditions for safe production, were shut down. All rental houses with potential safety hazards have been closed, and illegal buildings have been demolished, such as the powerful medicine to cure the depression. After the pain of rectification, Wenling footwear industry is trying to find a new life. The first domestic shoemaking assembly line introduced by Zhejiang BIC sporting goods Co., Ltd. has made Wenzhou shoemaking enterprises pay attention to the road of automatic cocoon breaking in the transformation of bath fire

[machine replacement in footwear industry to improve efficiency] a 32 meter long fully automatic production line can create the output of the past 60 workers with only 18 workers. It is expected that the efficiency can be increased by 244%, saving materials by 30%-35%, saving energy by more than 30%, and saving space by more than 50%. This series of figures make Zhejiang BIC sporting goods Co., Ltd. the focus of Wenzhou shoe enterprises

it is understood that this fully automated digital multi station shoe making flexible production line introduced by BIC is the first in the country

machine replacement is the only way for shoe enterprises to transform and upgrade. Like BIC, Zhuoling shoes also invested more than 2million yuan this year and introduced a production line. This assembly line is mainly used for molding and consists of more than 20 equipment. Sheng Jianyong, the person in charge, said that after half a month, the assembly line can be put into use in the factory, which is expected to improve the efficiency by 30% and reduce labor by about 14

paying attention to machine replacement is not after the fire. As early as a few years ago, I began to look for shoemaking equipment that can replace artificial ones, but because of different shoe processes and various styles, there are not many equipment that can be really applied to shoe manufacturing. Sheng Jianyong spent a year working with a Taiwan funded enterprise to continuously improve technology and customize this assembly line. This assembly line can save nearly one million yuan of wages for enterprises in a year. If it works well, the cost can be recovered in about three years. And now pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, this assembly line can save 25% energy, and the gas discharged can also meet environmental protection standards

[three steps to boost the automation revolution] Wenling shoe industry has not been rid of the shadow of low, small, scattered and heavy pollution. In my opinion, the footwear industry cannot truly transform and upgrade without equipment innovation. Sheng Jianyong said

not only enterprises, but also the municipal government has taken promoting the automation revolution of machine replacement in shoe-making enterprises as one of the key tasks of the industrial line this year

just a few months ago, Mayor Li Bin also personally led a team to Guangzhou and other places to investigate the local shoemaking assembly line, trying to find equipment suitable for machine replacement in Wenling shoe enterprises. Maoyouming, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, said that after that, Wenzhou will also provide classified guidance, promote the comprehensive transformation of shoe enterprises, and promote the application of shoe-making robot production lines

a few days ago, we also convened 18 key shoe-making enterprises in Wenzhou to have a discussion. While understanding the ideas of enterprises, we encouraged enterprises to eliminate backward production capacity and introduce advanced equipment. Mao, but this has little impact on the price (except for the door type). Youming said that Wenzhou will also focus on promoting the implementation of fully automated equipment transformation in these 18 enterprises. Secondly, we will accelerate the implementation of some automatic equipment transformation in 246 shoe-making enterprises above the designated size. In addition to these measures, the third step will also strengthen the use of automatic glue conveyor system equipment by all shoe-making enterprises, especially injection molding or molding. Through these three steps, Wenzhou shoe-making enterprises will step by step onto the road of automation. At present, if the spring installed on the vehicle has not been strictly tested, the first draft of the implementation plan for machine replacement of Wenling footwear industry has been prepared, and the machine replacement of Wenzhou footwear industry has also been included in the provincial pilot

[policies promote shoe enterprises to break the cocoon] However, although some enterprises have taken the lead in buying automation equipment, more shoe enterprises are still waiting and watching

unlike the pump industry and machine tool industry, after years of development, the assembly line production technology has long been mature. Although the replacement of machinery in the shoe industry is beneficial to the future development of the enterprise, at present, the technology of fully automated shoe-making is not mature, and we are worried that the equipment purchased with millions of yuan will not be practical. Shi Baofu, the person in charge of Smet shoes, said that after all, the technology of shoes is complex and there are many styles, so automation equipment cannot replace all processes

in addition, many enterprises also proposed that the government should reduce the subsidy standard and increase the subsidy for machine replacement in the footwear industry. Now the government grants subsidies to machine replacement, requiring the purchase of equipment to be more than 1million yuan, and a single equipment to be more than 60000 yuan. However, the price of many equipment in shoe-making enterprises is not high, so it is difficult to meet the requirements. In this way, we cannot enjoy the subsidy policy. Sheng Jianyong said

for the concerns of enterprises, Mao Youming said that in fact, we have formulated special support policies for shoe-making enterprises. For the model shoe enterprises of machine replacement, we will increase the subsidy to 12% - 20%

in order to reduce the cost of purchasing automation equipment, we learned that Qianjiang Motorcycle has also begun to develop robots suitable for Wenling shoe industry. You know, the assembly line introduced by BIC now costs 6million yuan, a manipulator costs 300000 yuan, and the whole assembly line needs 7 manipulator arms. But the products developed by Qianjiang Motorcycle can reduce the cost of the whole assembly line to about 3million yuan, and the price of their manipulator is less than 100000 yuan. Zhaojianning, member of the Party committee of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, said. After successful research and development, the municipal government will also give greater preferential subsidies to enterprises that take the lead in purchasing Qianjiang Motorcycle equipment

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