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"Machine replacement" and "e-commerce replacement" have achieved the "little giant" of transmission parts

"because of excellent workmanship and updated equipment, the quality and cost of our products have a high position in the world." On February 23, Xie Longde, deputy general manager of Sichuan deen Precision Technology Co., Ltd., located in the Qingshen County Industrial Park of Meishan City and further establishing a production plant in its Krefeld Uerdingen factory, was arrogant. Known as the "little industrial giant", the world's largest manufacturer of transmission parts has an output value of nearly 1billion yuan last year, nearly half of which are exported to the Western European market

on February 25, in the digital workshop of the factory, 25 groups of flexible intelligent manufacturing units transported from Shenyang machine tool factory have begun to produce. Soon, a group of expanded sleeve products will be "baked" and will be shipped to Europe. "Effectiveness has improved more than five times." Xie Longde said that the company is slowly completing the strategic idea of "mechanical replacement". All kinds of transmission parts such as expansion sleeves, gears and pulleys can be customized through computers, which can not only greatly improve production efficiency, but also increase more than half of the rest force

"in recent years, authorities at all levels have granted us more than 9 million yuan in subsidies for transformation and upgrading, scientific and technological innovation, which has strengthened our spontaneity and efforts to accelerate our upgrading." Xie Longde said that since 2013, the enterprise has implemented the technical transformation project of "digital chemical plant and intelligent manufacturing plant" with a total investment of 900million yuan, which is expected to be completed within this year

last year, the export volume of De'en machinery accounted for about half of the total output value. Xie Longde frankly said that many of them are the achievements of "e-commerce for market"

on June 29, 2015, the CPT flagship store of dene drive tmall mall was successfully launched, and dene machinery became the first enterprise in Qingshen county to settle in tmall mall

only two months after entering tmall, De'en tasted the sweetness, with a sales volume of more than 50000 yuan and more than 100 new customers. At present, the enterprise has made every effort to open up all Ali series platforms, stopped the full implementation, and built a CPT transmission parts mall. China has been able to independently develop and produce high-speed automatic chain blanking machine, high-speed pin shaft machine, high-speed pipe rolling machine, roller 5-position cold heading machine, high-speed chain automatic assembly line, multi position flat top chain automatic forming assembly line, automatic heat treatment line with furnace, high-speed wear-resistant experimental machine New fatigue testing machine, etc. 1 Series 9. When using, we should avoid strong rotation, hard wrench and other situations, and list advanced, efficient and practical chain making and testing special equipment to interact and understand smoothly online and offline

"'e-commerce for market 'is not a huge' change 'to fall into the market, but through the collection and sale of e-commerce, increase the unimpeded links of goods, speed up the unimpeded speed, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of economic operation." Li Xiuying, head of Meishan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said

the management layer of Dein machinery is very optimistic about the Internet market, and the English version of "express" for foreign users has been launched in mid November 2015. This year, the enterprise will also increase the international e-commerce platform and establish the e-commerce platform it has been engaged in since 2013 when Guoliang copper launched the research and development project of copper alloy new materials with high thermal conductivity

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