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Machine replacement + enterprise "going to the cloud", asking for production capacity from technology

machine replacement + enterprise "going to the cloud", asking for production capacity from technology

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original title: machine replacement + enterprise "going to the cloud", asking for production capacity from technology

original title: machine replacement + enterprise "going to the cloud", asking for production capacity from technology

bpi542 fell 2 in recent days, in the molding workshop of Shandong Hongsheng Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. located in Guangrao County, 14 VMI intelligent full-automatic molding machines are at full power to speed up the embryo. The traditional molding machine requires two workers to carry out frequent operations such as feeding, joint pressing and tire out, while the VMI molding machine requires only one worker to carry out simple code scanning and monitoring

Qin Anyang, deputy director of the company's science and technology production department, said: "due to the impact of the epidemic, some employees did not arrive at their posts, so we gave full play to the advantages of VMI molding machine, reduced the number of workers by half, and increased the production capacity by more than 200 per shift."

since 2019, Shandong Hongsheng Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. has introduced the world's most advanced VMI intelligent full-automatic molding machine from the Netherlands. It used to take 65 seconds to produce a tire, but now it only takes 37 seconds. It was estimated that the global composite end product market will reach $113.2 billion. The machine requires two people to operate, but now it only needs one person. Intelligent manufacturing has not only increased the comprehensive production efficiency of tires by 45%, but also reduced the defective product rate from 0.28% to 0.23%, and the corresponding good product rate has increased by 15%. As of March 9, the production capacity of Hongsheng rubber technology factory has recovered to more than 80%

in the resumption of work and production, the risk of personnel accumulation is the difficulty of prevention and control, while industrial technological transformation projects and intelligent factories built by relying on Intelligent upgrading prevent workers from getting together, which is another advantage of resumption of work and production during the epidemic

since the outbreak, enterprises have generally encountered "labor difficulties" in resuming work and production. Guangrao County has highlighted industrial technological transformation projects, accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, and supported enterprises to carry out "reborn" technological equipment transformation. At present, 23 technological transformation projects with a total investment of 1.7 billion yuan have been comprehensively sorted out and included in the county's key engineering projects. Through the implementation of technological transformation projects, the level of technological equipment and core competitiveness of enterprises have been comprehensively improved

to solve the "difficulty of employment", the practice of Jimo District of Qingdao is similar to that of Guangrao County

on March 15, in the production workshop of Qingdao Haojiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. located in Jimo District, the machine was busy, and the enterprise was "full of blood" back to work

compared with busy machines, it is difficult to find workers in such a large workshop. "An intelligent robot can support five employees in our workshop." General manager Yu Tinghua told that during the epidemic period, relying on Intelligent innovation, the company's digital workshop has been in full production, and it has spared no effort to ensure order delivery

"we are an enterprise focusing on the research and development of smart home and medical equipment. After automation transformation, this workshop has gradually transitioned from traditional automatic manufacturing to digital workshop. Under normal circumstances, a single production line only needs 5 employees, which not only improves work efficiency, but also plays a unique role in the extraordinary period of fighting the epidemic." Yu Tinghua said that the digital workshop integrates the equipment, materials and data flow in the production process to realize product positioning, data tracking and Historical Tracing in the production process

in the interview, I learned that in Jimo, where enterprises have been "on the cloud", digitalization allows enterprises to calmly cope with "employment difficulties"

"more than 1200 enterprises in the region have been included in the planned transformation project library of industrial interconnection in the region, which will increase in the future. We have recently established a special class for the integration of industrialization and industrialization and industrial empowerment, vigorously build a public basic capacity and data capital sharing system, and encourage enterprises to 'go to the cloud' and dig 'digital gold'." The integration of industrialization and industrialization in Jimo district can use the calibration method that meets the calibration needs prepared according to international, regional, national or industrial standards as the calibration basis. Shaoqi, deputy director of the enabling work special class, said that at present, 225 enterprises in the region have completed the transformation of interconnected industries, 35 enterprises have obtained the certification of the integration of industrialization and industrialization of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, and 15 enterprises have obtained the pilot enterprises of the integration of industrialization and standardization management system at or above the provincial level, 16 will be displayed only when they become applications) and other relevant information. Can rare values be displayed in the process of re experiment Qingdao industrialization and industrialization integration project. (Jia Ruijun, Li Ming, Zhang Xiaofan) (editor in charge: niejunqiong, Liu Yingjie)

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