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Machinist F117 S6 i7 notebook gtx1060 independent display evaluation usage evaluation

machinist hot selling game book recommendation: machinist F117 S6 i7 notebook gtx1060 independent display game book

gtx1060 6G independent display PCI-E solid state, how is the specific configuration of this notebook, and is it easy to use? Here are the configuration features of this notebook. I hope to give a reference and comparison to friends who need to be the key to the sustainable development of the company

first, the configuration characteristics of machenik mechanic F117 S6 i7 Notebook:

very good. Six generations of ihq quad core gtx1060 6G single display double fans + five copper tubes heat dissipation

3D metal fighter, 3D metal warship, inverted triangle three-dimensional carving, domineering exposure

extraordinary strength 256g solid state, 32 color RGB key disk, subwoofer,

Second, how about machenik mechanic F117 S6 i7 notebook, is it easy to use

try it for a month:

(1) this game book is quite good. The fog screen looks very comfortable, and the package is well protected when it is received. Metal takes a distinctive path of innovation. It looks very magnificent outside the wire drawing. I measured it with Master Lu, and the running score of about 26W is also quite awesome

(2) I was very excited when I received the thing, and I felt very light when I got it. It took almost six or seven seconds to start the machine. It was fast to fly up, and the packaging was very strong, without bumps or friction marks. 3. In short, I'm very satisfied. I'll review it after use

(3) the sexual power supply should be installed with air switch and leakage protection device. The price ratio is very high. The configuration is enough to play for 3 years. The heat dissipation sound is slightly loud, but it is conducive to maintaining performance. The weight is moderate, playing games smoothly, and the backlight is cool.. Win10 still needs to adapt. Overall satisfied

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III Machinist F117 S6 i7 notebook configuration parameters [

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Product Name: machinist F117 S6

brand: machinist

model: S6

screen size: 15.6 inches

CPU: Intel Core ihq

graphics card type: NVIDIA geforce gtx1060 (desktop)

video memory capacity: 6gb

mechanical hard disk capacity: no mechanical hard disk

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