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Waste paper rose to the highest level in the year, but Fujian base paper and paperboard fell sharply

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core tip: since June, major domestic paper manufacturers have reduced the price of base paper, and Fujian finished paper production and processing enterprises have also cut prices sharply

[China Packaging News] since June, major domestic paper manufacturers have lowered the price of base paper, and Fujian finished paper production and processing enterprises have also cut prices sharply

Fujian Jinjiang Qunying Packaging Co., Ltd., located in the printing and packaging base of Cizao Town, Jinjiang City, is a large-scale finished paper production and processing enterprise in Fujian Province. During the price increase of finished paper at the end of April and early May, the company also raised the prices of paperboard and corrugated paper for many times. On June 12, manager Yao of the company told the Straits herald that since June, the company has reduced the price of paperboard by about 16.7%. In addition, the reduction of corrugated paper is roughly the same

"the price of cardboard is reduced from the highest price of 3 yuan per square meter to about 2.5 yuan at present." Manager Yao said that as a large-scale finished paper production enterprise in Fujian Province, the main problem is the material used. The company has been supplying finished paper to Hengan Group, Wangwang, Daliyuan and other major paper customers all the year round. As the shortage of base paper supply has slowed down, the company has taken the initiative to reduce the price of finished paper and give profits to downstream paper enterprises

on June 12, Mr. Lin, the boss of a printing company in Xiamen, also confirmed in the guide that since June, coated paper weighing from 80g to 300g has also experienced a wave of price plunge. Although some of them have been repeated, the overall price has been reduced by more than 10%. "At present, the price of coated paper is more than 8000 yuan/ton, which is equivalent to the price in March and April." Mr. Lin said that the short-term fall in paper prices gave him a little relief. Although the price fell back to the level in April this year, it still increased by about 30% compared with the price of more than 6000 yuan per ton at the end of last year

orders dropped sharply in the off-season, and finished paper manufacturers took the initiative to reduce prices

so what caused the soaring paper prices to turn downward

"the previous sharp rise in paper prices was mainly caused by the rise in the prices of waste paper raw materials. May, June and July were originally the off-season for paper use. With the sharp decline in orders, waste paper is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also the price of raw materials has stabilized. We took advantage of the trend to adjust the price to give profits to downstream paper enterprises." Manager Yao told the Straits herald that since the beginning of June, factory orders have dropped sharply, which is the result of the company's reduction in paperboard and 2 The processing of recycled materials is the main reason for the price of finished paper such as corrugated paper

the opinions of the paper industry analysts coincide with those of manager Yao. Zhuo Chuang information paper industry analysts believe that the raw materials of waste paper have a weak upward momentum. In addition, the waste paper of raw materials has risen sharply, the finished paper has risen, the downstream has prepared goods in advance, and the orders have been overdrawn in advance. Many orders that should have been in June and July have been advanced to may, affecting the order volume in the coming months

in addition, the price of waste paper is the highest in the new year, and the follow-up trend is uncertain.

the Straits guide recently visited the waste recycling market and found that the terminal waste paper recycling price has not been significantly loosened. "The recycling price of waste cartons is 0.8 yuan per kilogram, and the newspaper price is about the same." Two days ago, Lao Zhao, a waste recycling station near the railway station, told the guide that the price of waste paper has been rising all the way since this year. At present, the price has more than doubled since the Spring Festival. Moreover, this price has been maintained for more than two months, and there is still no sign of loosening

the Straits guide learned that in February this year, the recycling price of waste paper was only 0.3 yuan per kilogram, but after April, the waste paper had soared to 0.8 yuan to 0.9 yuan per kilogram

statistics show that from June 5 to 6, 81 paper mills nationwide raised the waste paper recycling price by 30-200 yuan per ton; On June 8, the price of domestic waste paper (national waste) was 2998 yuan per ton, up 1.58% from the previous week; On June 10, the price of domestic waste rose to 3113 yuan per ton, the highest level in the year

the high price of waste paper has caused many waste recycling businesses to be in a wait-and-see state, and they are generally reluctant to sell. "They all say that the price of waste paper will not fall for a while. Recently, they happen to catch up with the graduation of college students, and I have accumulated a lot of waste books." Ms. Wang, a waste recycler in Shandong, said

Shandong business daily noted that although the domestic paper price has fluctuated in the past three years, so far this year, the domestic paper price has been relatively stable, showing a steady upward trend. According to the first quarter report of this year disclosed by sun paper and Chenming paper, the main paper-making enterprises in Shandong Province, sun paper achieved a net profit of 617million yuan in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 40.14% over the same period of last year; Chenming paper achieved a net profit of 783million yuan, an increase of 11.39% over the same period last year

faced with the current situation that domestic waste paper maintains a high price, some insiders said that the tight supply of raw materials is a strong factor supporting the rise of domestic waste paper prices

at present, the phenomenon of shutdown of paper mills nationwide is frequent, and the supply will decline relatively. While the prices of base paper and paperboard in Fujian are falling, the paperboard factories in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places are successively raising the prices of paperboard. The follow-up trend of the market has become a mystery. Some people look down and others look up. Under this situation, it is the time to test the adaptability of industry enterprises. If you misjudge the wrong move in the situation, you will lose everything

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