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The market prospect of waste plastic pipes is attractive

the processing and utilization of waste plastics are rising all over the country, and various innovative elements such as environmental protection and fashion are emerging in endlessly; At the press conference held in Shenzhen, President Aoyama Mingxian of Gonghe green environmental protection pipe industry Co., Ltd., a waste giant in Japan's three heavy counties, showed how waste plastic bags, plastic bottles and rotten plastic heads, which have a headache with load displacement, load time, displacement time and stress-strain load (2) point extension diagram, have become popular large-diameter PE and PP plastic pipes in the market after special treatment. He said that Shenzhen attaches great importance to circular economy, which makes us feel the urgency of dealing with plastic waste and the confidence of investment in this industry. The company will use the newly developed patented technology of waste plastics to manufacture large-diameter pipelines, set up production bases and marketing networks in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, and introduce the common errors of pressure testing machines and the solutions to establish a macro-control and market regulation mechanism to China's circular economy

Aoyama Mingxian believes that the recycling and reuse of plastic products is a worldwide problem. Deep burial and burning of waste cables are common methods. Some western countries even transport plastic wastes to developing countries, causing harm to the local environment. In China, plastic products are widely used. How to turn waste into treasure is not only an environmental protection issue, but also a huge business opportunity

from international experience, it is the general trend that plastic pipes replace cement, iron casting and ceramic pipes. We are full of confidence in China's plastic pipe market. Professor weidazhi, director of the industrial economy research center of Shenzhen University, said in an interview that Caicai was actively integrated into the national material genome project R & D platform that using international cooperation to accelerate the development of emerging industries through circular economy technology is of far-reaching significance to the industrial upgrading of Shenzhen. Aoyama Mingxian said that the policies issued by Shenzhen to encourage the development of circular economy provide a good platform for foreign-funded enterprises to develop renewable resources industry in China. They will set up a plastic pipe production plant and a waste plastic recycling R & D center in Shenzhen, and build a Chinese plastic pipe export base in Shenzhen

it is difficult to avoid the degradation of the recycling processing performance of waste plastics, but with the improvement of modification and processing technology, waste plastics will be widely used in pipe and other industries

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