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Waste paper rose more than 10% month on month? Yes, but now it's down again...

release date: Source: CCTV finance, punctual finance and China's good packaging

the continuous rise in the price of waste paper has attracted the attention of the mainstream media. Recently, the "punctual finance" column of CCTV Finance reported that the cumulative increase in the purchase price of waste paper has exceeded 10% in the past month. However, not long after the launch of the report, the price of waste paper began to fall, and many large paper mills successively reduced the purchase price of waste paper

the month on month increase of waste paper exceeded 10%

on July 15, many domestic paper mills continued to raise the recycling price of waste paper by up to 100/ton. Over the past month, the cumulative increase in the purchase price of waste paper has exceeded 10%. Visiting several waste paper recycling transfer stations in Shanghai, we found that the current waste paper repurchase price in the market is generally 1/kg, which is significantly higher than that of last month

according to a waste recycling store in Shanghai, since July, most of the waste paper has been recycled at about 50 cents per kilogram. If it is delivered by residents themselves, the price will be higher. It is understood that the recycling price of waste paper in China has been generally raised recently. When it is high, it will be raised by 100 per ton, and when it is low, it will also be raised by about 30 per ton

according to Zhang Wei, manager of Wuxi Rongcheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.: from July 1 to now, in terms of the prices of large manufacturers, nine dragons, Liwen and Shanying, the increase in this wave is between/ton. If the price increase starts from late June, the increase in June is about 250/ton, Associate Professor/doctor Yan Bo, National Engineering Research Center of mold CAD, Shanghai Jiaotong University

data show that in the first week of July, the average price of domestic waste paper was 2012/ton, up 1.94% from the previous week. Market participants said that the current rainy season in Shanghai has brought many difficulties to the local waste paper recycling work; On the other hand, the recent price increase of waste paper imported from abroad is also obvious. Taking the waste paper imported from the United States as an example, the current market price is about 220 US dollars per ton, with an increase of more than 40 US dollars per ton compared with the beginning of this year

chenyinjing, general manager of the paper business department of Shanying International Holding Co., Ltd., believes that as a commodity, the price fluctuation of waste paper is mainly affected by the supply and demand. Recently, due to the plum rain season, coupled with floods and other factors, a lot of waste paper is scattered in workshops, supermarkets, shopping malls and various communities. In addition, due to logistics restrictions, people can not go in and out for recycling

the price of waste paper began to turn down

perhaps because the price of waste paper has been rising for some time, so the price of waste paper began to fall soon after the CCTV financial special report was launched. On July 18, more than 30 paper mills in North China, East China, South China, central China and other places changed their waste paper prices, most of which were mainly adjusted downward, and some of them even lowered their waste paper prices twice

on July 19, the decline range of waste paper price further expanded. According to the author's statistics, more than 60 paper mills reduced the purchase price of waste paper on the same day, with a decline of about/ton. Among the paper mills that cut prices, in addition to small and medium-sized paper mills, there are also large paper mills such as Changshu Liwen, Anhui Shanying, Zhejiang Shanying, Dongguan Liwen, etc

some large paper mills that reduced the purchase price of waste paper (July 19)

Jiangsu Changshu Liwen paper industry: 20/ton for the first level, 30/ton for the second level, and 50/ton for the third level. After adjustment, the domestic waste receiving price is 2290/ton for level I, 2080/ton for level II and 1980/ton for level III

Jiangxi Jiujiang Liwen paper industry: the first and second levels are reduced by 30/ton, and the third level is reduced by 50/ton. After adjustment, the factory price without ticket will be implemented: 2160/ton of primary paper, 2020/ton of secondary paper and 1950/ton of tertiary paper

Chongqing Liwen paper industry: 30/ton of secondary reduction, others unchanged. The adjusted local factory price without ticket: 2170/ton for level 1, b2110/ton for level 1 and 2050/ton for Level 2

Guangdong Dongguan Liwen paper industry: all paper prices will be reduced by 30/ton. The adjusted arrival prices are as follows: 2310/ton of primary paper, 2020/ton of secondary paper, 1920/ton of tertiary paper, 2080/ton of primary office paper, a1980/ton of sub paper, and b1880/ton of sub paper

Anhui Ma'anshan Shanying Paper Co., Ltd.: the ABC level of yellow waste is reduced by 30/ton. After adjustment: class a 2220/ton, class B 2200/ton, class C 2150/ton, class D 2100/ton, and class E 1950/ton. Domestic book paper is 1780/ton, and floret (book and newspaper) is 1750/ton

Zhejiang Jiaxing Shanying (Ji'an) Paper Co., Ltd.: the debate on the fire protection performance of insulation wall materials by yellow waste class A has not stopped. BCD grade has been reduced by 20/ton, yellow waste class E and pipes have been reduced by 30/ton, and others remain unchanged. The adjusted factory price without ticket: class a 2210/ton, class B 2180/ton, class C 2150/ton, class D 2110/ton, class E 1830/ton, pure large pipe 1800/ton and small pipe 1750 tons. 1750/ton of book paper, 1700/ton of florets, and 2040/ton of office paper

Jiangsu Wuxi Rongcheng paper industry: the price of waste paper will be reduced by 30/ton. After the adjustment, foreign customers who came to the factory without tickets also gave our products a high reference price: national waste A0 leftover 2110/ton, A1 2055/ton, supermarket paper 1990/ton, A2 1950/ton

Zhejiang Jiaxing Jingxing Paper Co., Ltd.: Yellow waste is reduced by 30/ton, while Jianiu and office waste paper remain unchanged. The adjusted purchase price at the factory without tickets: 2200/ton of face paper, 2170/ton of class a yellow paper, 2140/ton of supermarket paper, 2100/ton of unified yellow paper, 1940/ton of gray yellow paper, and 1960/ton of chemical fiber pipe. A cow/ton, 1700/ton of low white office waste paper and 1990/ton of high white office waste paper

Zhejiang Pinghu Rongsheng environmental protection paper industry: the price of waste paper will be reduced by 30/ton. After adjustment, the factory price without ticket: a Niu 2230, single-sided cow leather 2130, noodles 2100, electronic yellow board (first-class supermarket) 2070, supermarket 2050, Tonghuo yellow board 1890, chemical fiber tube (first-class) 1780, chemical fiber tube (second-class) 1760

in the short term, the turn down of waste paper prices means that the recent wave of price rise has basically ended, and the paper mills may also face pressure to reduce prices. It is understood that on July 17, the corrugated paper of some domestic paper mills began to be sold at reduced prices. However, it should be noted that in the recent two days' market, Nine Dragons Paper has not made any action yet, and insiders can focus on its follow-up performance

in the long run, just as yandalin, chief analyst of light industry at Guosheng Securities Research Institute, said: the cost of all links in the entire industrial chain may go up. In the long run, the competition pattern of the industry that should cut off the power supply immediately will gradually become better, and the market share will gradually concentrate on large enterprises

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