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The recycling price of waste paper encounters a roller coaster paper industry or welcomes the good news

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core tip: Recently, the domestic recycling price of waste paper fell rapidly from about 3200 yuan per ton, almost halving, causing great concern in the market

[China Packaging News] recently, the domestic waste paper recycling price fell rapidly from about 3200 yuan per ton, almost halving, causing great concern in the market

"recently, the Ministry of environmental protection has moderately liberalized the quota of imported waste paper. A large number of waste paper from Hong Kong has entered the mainland market and other waste paper is expected to arrive one after another, causing panic among domestic waste paper manufacturers." Liguoshun, deputy general manager of Huatai shares, told Huaxia times

only a few days, and the contrast is obvious. A few days ago, the Huaxia times saw the head of a newspaper's own printing plant in Beijing. "Originally, there were more than 2million yuan in profits this year, but now they are all gone. It would be good if we didn't lose money!" The head of the self owned printing plant of a major newspaper in Beijing told Huaxia times. "Several major paper mills have raised their prices together, almost completely monopolizing the market." The person in charge continued to complain to the

the price of paper keeps rising, and the cost of printing plants is rising. At the same time, due to the sharp rise in the price of paper and the booming production and sales of finished paper, the rise in the net profits of listed paper companies this year has made the market look sideways. In the first half of 2017, the net profits of Chenming Paper (), Shanying paper () and Huatai Co., Ltd. rose sharply. The net profits of Shanying paper, which performed well in the first half of 2017, rose nearly 451% year-on-year, and Huatai Co., Ltd. rose 318.4% year-on-year

stimulated by the sharp rise in performance, paper listed companies are popular in the stock market. Since the beginning of 2017, the share prices of the above listed paper companies have risen by 40% to 80%. In fact, it seems that the "paper boom" from raw materials to paper companies to the stock market has not yet cooled down

waste paper in the Jianghu

since August this year, the recycling price of waste paper has continued to rise. According to statistics, from October 9 to 11, the recycling price of A-grade paper, face paper, cow top paper, first-grade paper, pure yellow paper sheet, single-sided cow leather and other waste paper in many paper mills across the country has exceeded 3000 yuan/ton, of which 3400 yuan per ton of first-grade paper has been exceeded

the data "Hua rubber tensile strength testing machine can be used to test the tensile stress-strain properties of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber" was confirmed by liguoshun. Previously, the recycling price of waste paper had exceeded 3200 yuan per ton, but before August, the price was only about 1300 yuan. "The price of waste paper has doubled in two months, and the cost pressure is very great!" The reason is that liguoshun believes that the current import difficulties lead to a shortage of raw materials for papermaking, pushing up the domestic waste paper recycling price

"the imported waste paper is about 1500 yuan per ton, half cheaper than the domestic waste paper, but it cannot be imported." Liguoshun said. He told the Huaxia times that due to the cost of raw materials, the price of paper produced by foreign paper mills exported to China is cheaper than that produced domestically. However, due to the closure of a large number of overseas paper mills in recent years, the import volume can not meet the domestic gap. He believes that the rising prices of waste paper and other raw materials, coupled with the rising prices of coal, have led to a sharp rise in the price of paper

"imported paper is 200 yuan per ton cheaper than domestic paper." The person in charge of the aforementioned newspaper printing plant told Huaxia times that the price of paper had risen by nearly 40% in less than a year. The person in charge took out four notice letters of Huatai shares on adjusting the paper price, all of which were price increases without exception

"In November, 2016, the first notice letter came, saying that the price of paper was adjusted to 4500 yuan per ton from December 1. The previous official price was 4100 yuan, and we got 4000 yuan. The second one was sent in January, 2017, saying that the price of paper was increased by 500 yuan per ton from the current base on March 1. Just after the increase, another letter came in April, saying that the price of paper was 5200 yuan per ton from May 1. On August 22, another one came, saying that the price of paper was increased by 500 yuan from the same day of sending the letter , which is the current price, 5700 yuan per ton! " Introduction of the person in charge of the above printing plant

the person in charge told us that not only the price increase was fierce, but also the price increase was made immediately on the day of sending the letter. There was no buffer time at all

paper price rise and tight supply

"in the previous eight years, paper production was at a loss! This time, the price of raw materials rose, and paper had to rise!" Liguoshun told that there were more than 20 large enterprises that produced paper a few years ago, but now there are only four. The big reason is that it is difficult to make profits in paper production. Many enterprises either choose not to produce paper or have closed down

the person in charge of the printing plant of the above-mentioned newspaper revealed that several years ago, it was said that there were hundreds of paper mills in Shandong, but with the liquidation of the industry, the number of paper mills shrank seriously. According to a recent internal material from the China Newspaper Association, in 2012, there were nearly 20 large and small paper mills in China. Due to the rising prices of raw materials, tighter environmental protection policies and restrictions on cargo transportation, some paper mills have successively withdrawn from the paper market. Now there are only five remaining, namely Huatai Co., Ltd., Chenming paper, Guangzhou Paper Group, Shandong Chenlong group and Shanying paper. Among them, Chenming paper plans to shut down and reduce production of the company's paper production machines for more than half a year from October this year

China high stability control all experiment progress times called the Secretary Office of Chenming paper. The other party confirmed the above-mentioned fact of shutdown and maintenance and said that the company produces about 100000 tons of paper per year. Because the company produces less paper, it has little impact on the market. At the same time, the other party told that Chenming Paper's products are mainly cultural paper, and the raw material for production is wood pulp, so the cost will not be affected by the rising price of waste paper recycling

the above internal materials further show that the domestic paper output has declined year after year from more than 3.7 million tons in 2012 to 1.65 million tons this year. However, the total demand for paper is 1.7 million tons. With the supplement of imported paper, the balance between supply and demand has been achieved. According to relevant policies, the import of waste paper in the United States is limited, and the paper mills are faced with the dilemma of lack of raw materials to produce paper. The American waste of Shanying paper can only last until November. The technical transformation and shutdown of Chenming paper industry may aggravate the contradiction between supply and demand of paper. Some analysts believe that the problem of raw materials cannot be solved, which may lead to a large area of paper shortage, and even some newspapers may face the risk of "food shortage"

liguoshun told that the waste paper raw materials of Huatai Co., Ltd. are estimated to be available around November 10, and the inventory of paper products is only one week

"now you can't buy paper with cash. If you buy 100 tons, you can get back 7 or 80 tons. According to people close to the bosses of these paper mills, it is estimated that it will rise to 6000 yuan a ton by the end of this year." The person in charge of the printing house of the above newspaper told me

"the printing factory has begun to die. The self owned printing factory of a newspaper office in Beijing will be closed at the end of this year. This is the news of the industry." The official said that the rise in paper prices had a great impact on the printing industry. "Since more than 90% of the newspaper's printing houses are printing newspapers and periodicals on behalf of others, in October 2016, they signed printing contracts with other newspaper and periodical customers. Later, the cost of the sudden rise in paper prices was paid by the printing house. Therefore, we have no profit this year, but in the end, the cost must be paid by the newspaper and periodical." The official added

liguoshun said that the price of paper in the fourth quarter of this year will be relatively strong and will continue to rise. As for when it will rise, it depends on the price of imported waste paper and raw materials and the supply and demand of paper

an insider close to the China Newspaper Association told Huaxia times that the weekend editions of many domestic newspapers have stopped publishing. It is estimated that many newspapers will shrink next year, and the paper cost will rise too fast. He disclosed to us that a super newspaper with its own printing plant in Beijing has increased its distribution cost by 200million yuan this year due to the rise in paper prices

the tight supply of paper may lead to the safety of newspaper publishing. On September 6, the China Press Association organized and held a "Symposium on market information exchange between relevant central units and paper manufacturers". The State Administration of publication, radio, film and television, the people's news agency, Xinhua news agency, people's Liberation Army News Agency, Guangming news agency, economic news agency and other central media party newspapers, as well as the China Paper Association and the above-mentioned five paper-making companies and other 30 unit representatives, focused on stabilizing the market and ensuring the publishing safety of Party newspapers in view of the possible "shortage" of paper in the market

the above materials show that the publicity department pays attention to the rising price and tight supply of paper

Huatai Co., Ltd. has an existing capacity of 800000 tons, and is the largest paper manufacturer in China with the highest market share. Although the performance of Huatai Group has grown rapidly since the three quarters of this year, the performance of the third quarter may be affected by the rise in raw materials. Liguoshun told that after the waste paper recycling price rose to 3200 yuan per ton, the paper production began to lose 500 yuan per ton in October

"a few years ago, the newspaper industry pressed down the prices of paper manufacturers too seriously, making it very difficult for the paper mills to survive. Now the situation is reversed. The newspaper industry is facing many difficulties, and the paper mills are full of pots. The two sides should understand and support each other, find a balance point and seek win-win results, so as to develop healthily." An insider close to the China Newspaper Association told Huaxia times

the person in charge of the press also told that the price of paper at about 4000 yuan per ton has been maintained for nearly five years. The use of rigid polyurethane foam has saved considerable space, and it is estimated that the paper mill is also difficult to make money

the market is always moving in the right direction without calculating the area; The following formula can be used to calculate the section shortening rate of low carbon steel. Industries that can make money will naturally have production capacity to exit. The data also shows that the reduction of paper production capacity is now in turn restricting the publication of newspapers

according to the above-mentioned internal materials obtained by Huaxia times, to solve the problem of excessive rise in paper prices and the contradiction between supply and demand, both sides of the paper industry should make joint efforts to ensure the normal production of domestic paper and the absolute safety of newspaper publishing. Newspapers should purchase paper from domestic paper mills as much as possible to support the development of domestic paper. Foreign imports can only be a supplement to the domestic market

the materials further show that paper, as a strategic material, can not guarantee the paper supply if there is a shortage of raw materials (imported waste paper). Therefore, it is suggested that on the premise of ensuring the implementation of the national environmental protection policy, the import of high-grade waste paper can be directly directed to the competent manufacturers, and the policy of fixed production and exclusive quota can be implemented. The environmental protection department can allocate specialists to monitor

"the main reason is that the foreign waste paper can not be imported, and the domestic waste paper price is too high, which leads to the high production cost of paper, and finally the paper price increases. However, this problem should be solved from the source. If the waste paper supply is insufficient, it is difficult to change the price and the relationship between supply and demand. The newspaper association is communicating with the Ministry of environmental protection, hoping to give some support to the paper production enterprises." Liguoshun said

however, with the decline of waste paper recycling price, the market expectation has changed. "As the cost drops, the price of the corresponding product drops, but whether the price of paper will fall depends on the continuity of the policy." Liguoshun said

fluctuation of corrugated paper

in fact, in addition to the rise in the price of paper, the price of corrugated paper with a very large demand has also risen rapidly, which directly leads to the rise in the price of downstream cartons and has an impact on e-commerce that needs a large number of carton packaging

according to the market price changes of important means of production in the circulation field released by the National Bureau of statistics, on October, 2016,

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