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The import of waste plastics in China has done more harm than good in recent years, the Chunlei talent project of Ningbo Institute of materials has supported a large number of places to import waste plastics and is increasing year by year. In the first half of this year, for example, Liaoning Province imported 23600 tons of waste plastics, an increase of 78.8% over the same period last year

the reason why the import of waste plastics increases year by year is that it is profitable. At present, the production capacity of China's plastic industry is insufficient. 2012 is the golden age of the North American plastic machinery market, which has become a large gap between supply and demand, which needs to be filled by imports. According to a person from Liaoning plastic industry association, the price of plastic raw materials (granules) in the domestic market has now risen to 8000-9000 yuan/ton, while the declared import price of most waste plastics is 200-300 dollars/ton. In addition to import duties and transportation fees, processing and sales in China are still profitable, not to mention the strong demand for recycled plastics in the domestic market. Internationally speaking,

but the relevant departments are cautious or opposed to China's current large-scale import of waste plastics. Environmentalists worry that waste plastics are easy to be made in the processing process Estimation and experiment of moisture resistance: many of them have no problems in abrasion resistance, strength, compression resistance and even impact resistance, resulting in environmental pollution, especially the degradable packaging being promoted in the catering industry with the advantage of low price; People from the Customs Department believe that the prices of waste and scrap materials produced by different plastics vary greatly, which is very easy to cause low price concealment. In short, a large number of imported waste plastics do more harm than good, which is the consensus of the vast majority of people in many departments

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