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With the development of China's packaging industry and plastic industry, plastic products not only benefit mankind, but also pollute the environment. China has made many attempts in dealing with the environmental pollution caused by waste plastics. Although there are some successful experiences, there are also many shortcomings. Relevant experts believe that in order to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste plastics, it is necessary to speed up the recycling of waste cooking and make it a new industry

China's railway system has adopted the means of recycling EPS foamed plastic lunch boxes, which has achieved certain results, and the discarding of white plastic wastes on both sides of the railway has been reduced. One of the reasons why the railway system has done a good job in the treatment of white plastic waste is that the plastic waste is well managed. 5. Regularly check the transmission of the sprocket. Each carriage has a large garbage bag. All EPS, PE, pet and PP packages are collected together for unified collection and treatment. Another reason is that in recent years, most trains have been changed to closed windows to prevent scattering along the way and ensure the recycling of waste plastics in terms of hardware

however, in many other fields, the current situation of recycling and reuse of waste cooking products is not optimistic. Although governments at all levels have paid attention to the pollution of waste plastics, they have achieved little. The reasons are as follows:

first, the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste plastics by making corresponding deformation (e.g. concave convex plates) depends on the self degradation of plastic products. In fact, this question 4. It is very difficult to completely solve the problem of placing the test pieces. It is also a worldwide problem to ensure that the new packaging maintains the inherent characteristics of the plastic, but also to limit the degradation within a certain period of time. No one knows when it can be completely solved. Moreover, whether the degradation will cause new pollution to the soil has to be verified for a long time. Therefore, it is obviously not a once and for all way to solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic products by relying on the natural degradation of plastic products

second, many enterprises that produce and use plastic products pay attention to immediate interests. Although governments at all levels have issued orders to ban production, sales and use of plastic products, enterprises are still discounting their implementation. The production line introduced by the enterprise with a lot of money can still produce normally, so you are reluctant to abandon it and do not consider the problem of pollution

third, the industrialization of recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste plastics started late and at a low level. So far, it has not formed a scale, and naturally has no benefits

waste cooking is a major public hazard that pollutes the environment. How can we turn harm into benefit, not only change the environment, but also promote the development of packaging industry? It seems that accelerating the industrialization of waste plastic recycling is an effective method

first of all, the government should give strong support, invest some funds, establish necessary laws and regulations, and promote the development of waste plastic recycling industry. We hope customers will see the exhibition. According to relevant sources, the waste recycling and comprehensive utilization project in Wuhan will be launched with the support of various policies. At present, Jiangxi Province is planning the first large-scale comprehensive treatment project of waste plastics in China. The project is completed in two phases, with a total investment of US $8.7 million, and the annual treatment capacity of waste plastics is 34000 tons to 36000 tons

secondly, the development of plastic recycling should be guided according to the economic law. The waste plastic recycling industry will provide a good opportunity for entrepreneurs who are interested in innovation. The formation and development of the largest waste plastics distribution market in China in Huaxi Town, Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, has given us an enlightenment. Huaxi town started to engage in waste plastic recycling industry with the main purpose of making money. However, with the continuous expansion of the scale (the annual trading volume has reached 400million yuan), it has played a great role in saving energy and protecting the environment, so it has been supported by governments at all levels

third, build an industrial army of waste plastic recycling. International plastic recycling marks must be printed on plastic packaging products as soon as possible. The new projects of plastic packaging products should be strictly reviewed, and must meet the requirements of non polluting environment, easy recycling and easy treatment, so as to lay a foundation for classified recycling. Strengthen the management of municipal garbage bagging, and then carry out sub packaging on the basis of bagging for easy treatment

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