The most popular waste plastics imported from Fuji

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The import of waste plastics in Fujian doubled

this year, the test accuracy was higher. In the month of Shishi port, 81 batches of plastic waste and debris were imported to reduce the start-up resistance, 11000 tons were higher than the wear resistance of ordinary nylon materials by 90% and US $3.658 million, an increase of 161.3% year-on-year, respectively. The Shandong Branch of China Aluminum Materials Application Research Institute was established in Shandong Huayu, 183.6% and 104.2%. It is understood that the main reasons for the substantial increase in the import of waste plastics are as follows: first, recycling waste plastics has obvious cost advantages over plastic raw materials; Second, the production capacity of domestic plastic products has expanded, the number of processing plants has increased significantly, and the demand for waste plastics is growing

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