The most popular waste plastic bottles have new us

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Waste plastic bottles have new uses

in addition to selling waste products, waste plastic bottles have new uses. A few days ago, I saw in the tea garden behind Xiaotun village, happy town, Lanshan District, Rizhao city that hundreds of spray made of waste plastic bottles are improving the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing environmental pollution, which complement each other. They are busy running to irrigate tea trees

Xiaotun village has a high terrain, and farmland irrigation has been restricting the development of local agricultural economy. Since last year, the village has seized the opportunity of happy town to deepen the reform of the property right system of small-scale rural water conservancy projects, attracted 265000 yuan of social funds to invest in farmland water conservancy construction, creatively built a new distinctive circular water-saving irrigation mode according to local conditions, and cleverly used the terrain drop to build 7 water storage ponds around the village to collect rainwater from high places; In high-lying areas, it is planned to build scattered large wells in a unified way to supplement agricultural water in the dry season, and then use a main pipeline to connect these ponds and large wells to reduce the cost, and form a circle around the whole village to form a lower cost, fully covered closed water. The former is expensive. When the weather is dry and the villagers want to water the land, they can carry out spray irrigation as long as they connect the water pipe at the interface of the circular water and plug in the waste plastic bottle with pinholes, which is water-saving, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and convenient. The circular water has basically realized effective irrigation of 800 mu of land in the village

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