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Summary: the brief production process of Hongting embroidered wall cloth, the weaving of the bottom cloth - bottom cloth inspection - computer embroidery - printing and dyeing cleaning - finalization - finished product inspection - thread removal - waterproof treatment - non-woven bottom composite

embroidered wall cloth can be divided into glass fiber printed wall cloth, non-woven wall cloth, pure cotton decorative wall cloth, chemical fiber decorative wall cloth, natural fiber woven wall cloth, brocade wall cloth, silk wall cloth, bright wire wall cloth, etc. Generally, the embroidered wall cloth with jacquard has the best fastness

when you see the beautiful and exquisite wall cloth, will you be curious about how such a fashionable home decoration came into being and how much meaning and technology it contains? Then here comes Hongting to answer your questions and doubts, so that you can re understand the inspiration application of this original art

we know that there are wallpaper in front of the wall cloth, which can bring beauty to the room and protect the cleanness and tidiness of the wall. But why is the price difference between wallpaper and wallpaper so huge? It can be seen from the surface that the raw material cost of wallpaper is much higher than that of wallpaper

next, Hongting art wall decoration will show you the gorgeous birth of embroidered wall cloth

we all know that manual embroidery itself is very difficult. A skilled embroiderer needs a long time and countless times of practice to embroider a successful work. As embroidery is a unique artistic and cultural expression of our country, it is not only a vivid inheritance of the national spirit, but also the development and progress of life traditions. We Hongting applied this precious technology to the direct processing of machines through modern high technology, which on the one hand met the large demand of the market for wall fabric products, and on the other hand also achieved a great breakthrough in embroidery and wall decoration

whether as a producer or consumer of products, only when we have a deep understanding of the uniqueness of Hongting embroidered wall fabric, can you appreciate it and recognize it, thus forming purchasing power and productivity. Just like a successful person, we are bound to have a more comprehensive understanding and learning through his growth experience, success and failure process. In the figure, we can divide the production of wall cloth into more than 20 steps from the product alone. Every link is indispensable: first of all, how to choose the pattern is directly related to whether to cater to the public's aesthetics; Secondly, four specific inspections are the key to ensure product quality; Finally, the complexity of the wall fabric requires more strict in-depth processing and post-processing

in addition, every piece of wall cloth needs to be carefully trimmed before sale, so when customers see Hongting embroidered wall cloth, they feel not only the pride of national wisdom, but also the shock of artistic innovation brought by the development of the times. Because our design inspiration comes from hand embroidery, we also inherit the delicacy and delicacy of hand embroidery, which is almost the same as hand embroidery in time and effect. At this time, the reason why we choose Hongting products is not only to meet the simple needs of family decoration, but also a kind of heartfelt promotion and inheritance of national culture out of appreciation of beauty

Hongting embroidered wall cloth not only has unique artistic enjoyment, but also has a sense of superiority unmatched by traditional wall decoration. Because there is a waterproof and mildew proof treatment in the production process of the product, the normal service life of the wall cloth can reach ten years. At the same time, the wall cloth shaped by high temperature can meet the pasting of a room without cutting, thus making the wall more beautiful. In home decoration, the wall is easy to be ignored, but at the same time, the maintenance of the wall can actually keep the home clean and tidy, achieving the effect of being new for decades. Please believe your own eyes and choose Hongting embroidered wall cloth, so that you can have a quality life and enjoy a wonderful life

Hongting embroidered wall cloth carries the thick traditional culture and national spirit. The wall cloth integrates three-dimensional feeling and gloss. The dense and delicate stitches weave not only luxurious and noble pictures, but also elegant and exquisite taste





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