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Pay attention to everything “ Get rid of the old and bring forth the new ” Today, a small lock is no exception. Because of the fierce competition, the open and covert struggle between businesses has evolved from the early price war to the current quality competition. In such an environment, enterprises have to change production standards and improve product testing capabilities. After all, if you don't follow the tide, you may be shot dead on the beach

nowadays, with the prevalence of visual art, the diversification of decoration styles, personalization and increasing attention to details have made hardware locks a part of decoration design, which has been paid attention to by more and more people. Locks have changed from a tool for guarding the courtyard to a work of art that plays a decisive role in the overall decoration. Whether locks are compatible with the overall decoration style, whether the color matching is reasonable, and whether they can show the owner's temperament and taste, Are the requirements for door locks in decoration design. Although the specifications of locks are different and changeable, the general development direction and trend still have evidence to follow

locks should first meet the needs and feelings of users. From the development history of locks, whether the user experience is humanized is one of its basic requirements. This determines that the development of locks must start with the user's experience of the product. If the experience is bad and awkward, even if you are good, it is difficult to get the user's approval. Secondly, we need to meet the needs of different application scenarios. The locks required for different scenes are very different. Manufacturers should design all kinds of locks according to different scenes. Of course, it is inevitable to adjust the feedback of senior customers. Based on the above conditions, only by developing locks can we get products that satisfy consumers

finally, the design sense of the lock is also an important point. A practical lock can no longer meet people's diverse needs. Today, when people advocate personalization and fashion, more people pay more attention to the design sense of the door lock and the cultural quality and connotation it shows on the basis of practicality. To show the aesthetic connotation and taste of its owner with a simple lock, it is necessary to test the skills of lock designers




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