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Hengrui drum dryer meets the new standard of green, efficient and intelligent machinery

[electromechanical news] green is the general trend. For the purpose of environmental protection and energy conservation, using green raw materials can not only save environmental protection, but also improve economic benefits and achieve a win-win goal. Roller dryer is a new type of dryer that is green, efficient and intelligent

Hengrui new dryer is an energy-saving drying method and is especially suitable for the drying of high viscosity liquids and muddy materials. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical, dye, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy and other industries

Hengrui tumbler dryer first appeared in the 20th century. At the same time, the British government also announced a strategy to help promote the bioeconomy. At the beginning of the century, it is an internal heating conduction type rotating continuous drying equipment. Its basic operating principle is to spread the slurry evenly. Due to its high molecular weight, it has excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication, chemical corrosion resistance and other properties unmatched by other plastics; The surface of the drum heated by internal steam forms a layer of material film, and the water is quickly evaporated, reducing the discharge of sewage. After drying, scrape off the film with a scraper. The whole process of the drum dryer is completed in dozens of seconds, which saves time, electricity, labor and high drying efficiency

the dryer has large processing capacity and less fuel consumption, which saves energy and reduces the drying cost. The dryer has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and can use high-temperature hot air to quickly dry materials. It has strong expandability. Considering the production margin, even if the output increases slightly, there is no need to replace the equipment. The equipment adopts a self-aligning tug structure, and the tug is well matched with the rolling ring, which greatly reduces the wear and power consumption. The specially designed retaining wheel structure greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused by equipment tilting, working accessories, etc. It has strong overload resistance, stable cylinder operation and high reliability

Hengrui company has a strong service team. The interests of customers are always our first consideration. Our slogan is "meticulous, meticulous and harmonious". From pre-sales consultation, enthusiastic service to in-sales promotion of products, we all require careful treatment of every customer, meticulous work and harmonious relationship with customers. Powerful design and development, production and manufacturing, installation and debugging, technical maintenance, irregular return visits, strict quality assurance and fast and in place after-sales service, each link has been carefully arranged to solve a series of customers' worries

2 is to attach great importance to the task of building a new system for the new material industry (source: electromechanical correspondent: Li Peng: Li Yongxiu)

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