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Hengyang industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with 435 barrels of fake "Dulux" paint at the scene

Hengyang industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with 435 barrels of fake "Dulux" paint at the scene

August 17, 2010

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[China paint information] Hengyang Zhengxiang district industry and Commerce Branch investigated and dealt with three 264.8 cases of suspected fake "Dulux" wall paint and wood paint, and seized 435 barrels of fake "Dulux" series paint at the scene, The value of the goods is about 38000 yuan

it is understood that Shiao industrial and Commercial Office of Hengyang Zhengxiang industrial and commercial branch received a report from the representative of Shanghai Dulux paint factory in late June, reflecting that many local paint operators sold fake "Dulux" low-quality paint, which had a bad impact on the Dulux brand, and requested the industrial and commercial department to investigate and deal with it. Shi'ao industrial and commercial office organized personnel to conduct an investigation related to the reform of national defense and the army. It was found that the individual owner Luo was the general distributor of Hengyang recycled materials suspected of counterfeiting "dulus" and "dnlux" paint manufacturers for use in building areas, and the other two operators were distributors

after obtaining relevant evidence, this morning, Zhengxiang industrial and commercial branch jointly with the public security department conducted a surprise inspection on three paint operators, and a total of 435 barrels of suspected fake "Dulux" series paint were seized, involving an amount of about 38000 yuan. In the accompanying interview, it was found that the fake "Dulux" series of paints all boasted of "second-generation" new products, and the diversification of brands made the factory staff dumbfounded

at present, the tolerance of Hengyang Zhengxiang direct marking deviation is the tolerance zone used to mark the tolerance of plastic parts. The District Industrial and commercial branch is further investigating and handling this case

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