The hottest Hengxian group visited Guangxi jindaxi

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Hengxian organized a group to visit Guangxi jindaxing Paper Co., Ltd.

in order to promote the pace of Hengxian project construction, in the afternoon of October 8, four county teams led by Wu Wei, Secretary of the county Party committee, Huang Guojian, acting county head, Chen Baojin, director of the county people's Congress, Liang Daxi, chairman of the county CPPCC, organized more than 60 leaders from some county units and Liujing Industrial Park to visit Guangxi jindaxing Paper Co., Ltd. in Tianlin County, Baise City. Guangxi jindaxing Paper Industry Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture that attaches great importance to technological research and development, which is jointly invested by Guangdong Foshan jindaxing Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Huiyi Industry Co., Ltd. and Tianlin County paper mill with an annual output of 120000 tons of paper. The project introduces the advanced pulping and welding ring chain steel tensile strength testing machine made in France for yield strength test. How to sample the production line and the two advanced paper clamping machines produced by Mitsubishi biloit company in Japan. The equipment technology is advanced, the equipment level is high, and it is equipped with the world's leading automatic control system. The production capacity ranks first in Guangxi and fifth in China; The imported pulping equipment is the most advanced deinked pulp production equipment in the world today

after visiting and full communication, the Hengxian delegation had a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of jindaxing Paper Co., Ltd. and reached a consensus on the promotion of the project with an annual output of 98000 tons of pulp and 200000 tons of coated paper signed with Hengxian. Wu Wei, the Secretary of the county Party committee, pointed out during the visit that the project of jindaxing with an annual output of 98000 tons of pulp and 200000 tons of coated paper settled in Hengxian is of great significance to building an industrial strong county, realizing an industrial value of 10 billion yuan, further improving the industrial development scale of Hengxian and promoting the economic development of the whole county. He requested that all departments and towns should further unify their thinking around the construction of the project, do solid work, operate beyond the normal rules, and try their best to serve the construction of the project

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