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Hengli foundry appeared at the casting Expo

the 15th China International Foundry Expo was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 13. Changzhou casting branch of Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengli casting) exhibited high pressure precision castings for hydraulic transmission and control products at this conference. Hengli is committed to providing innovative precision casting solutions to provide customers with castings with high pressure resistance and excellent performance. At the same time, the Hengli casting team will also discuss how to improve the casting quality and reduce the total cost with customers

Hengli casting appeared at the casting Expo

exhibition site

Hengli casting was the first time to participate in the casting industry exhibition independently, and it was also the first time to appear at this kind of professional Expo. The damage of the dry spring relay responsible for counting signal input led to the non counting display, which attracted many industry experts and customers to stop for consultation and visit. Among them, the integral multi-way valve casting product for 20t excavator, which can withstand 55MPa pressure, has dimensional accuracy of CT8 and surface quality of RA ≤ 50, has attracted much attention. This product has won the "second prize for technical progress of China Hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry association". In addition, castings of other transmission products have also been praised by customers and experts

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customers came to consult

during the exhibition, Mr. zhangboming, a senior expert in China's foundry industry, the former president of the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery Sciences and the chief editor of the foundry manual, made a special trip to our booth to exchange ideas. He hoped that Hengli, as a benchmark enterprise in the foundry industry, would continue to innovate on the road of opening gb/t 3098.8 (1) 992 hydraulic castings, rib connection for mechanical properties and heat resistance of fasteners, Add luster to China's hydraulic parts

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through research and innovation, Hengli casting has developed high-precision casting alloy smelting technology, which has achieved the control of the fluctuation range of main alloy element content at 0.05% and the cost reduction of about 10%. In addition, the company has also mastered and innovated technologies such as refined sand core, sand core homogenization coating, sand core strain homogenization, wet mold sand molding, efficient casting cleaning, digital casting process analysis, etc. Applied for and obtained 22 national utility model and invention patents, and participated in the formulation of national (industry) standards. In recent years, Hengli casting has accelerated the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, green casting, and made every effort to build a digital information management workshop, for which it has won the title of "Jiangsu Province demonstration intelligent workshop". In 2016, it was awarded "China Green Foundry Enterprise" by China Foundry Association

at present, Hengli casting is an enterprise that can produce high-precision hydraulic castings on a large scale. It has the production capacity of 25000 tons of high-precision hydraulic castings per year, has established an advanced experiment and testing center, and has formulated a perfect quality management system to ensure the quality of castings and zero defects

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