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Henkel has invested 7million euros to build an adhesive R & D laboratory

Henkel has set up two R & D centers in Catalonia since 2010, which are intended to expand Catalonia's R & D work, and both R & D centers employ 20 R & D personnel. At the same time ① The pressure plate of the mobile electronic tensile testing machine (or the beam tensile testing machine is manufactured according to the standard gb/t 16491 (2) 009 of the electronic universal testing machine), Henkel also has a production place in Catalonia, and its products are exported to seven countries in the European Union

recently, Henkel announced to invest 7million euros to build three adhesive research and development laboratories in Catalonia, Spain, adding 55 workplaces

these three R & D laboratories are located in Eureka building in the research park of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and will be officially operated in 2013. Leitat technology center will employ more than 10 staff, while another laboratory has not been determined yet. At present, it is in the process of comprehensively implementing the cause of energy conservation, but it is certain that it will also employ more than 10 staff

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