Germany announced that it would shut down all nucl

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Germany announced that it would shut down all nuclear power plants by 2022

on May 30, the German ruling coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel reached a compromise on Germany's timetable for abandoning nuclear power after nearly 12 hours of consultation late on the 29th. According to this plan, Germany will completely abandon nuclear power generation by 2022

there are 17 nuclear power plants in Germany. According to the latest timetable reached by the three party leadership of the German Christian Democratic Union, the Christian Social Union and the ruling partner Liberal Democratic Party, seven nuclear power plants that were temporarily shut down after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident and were put into operation before 1980 will be permanently shut down. In principle, the remaining 10 nuclear power plants in Germany will be closed before 2021, but three of them may be put into service for an extended year when new energy cannot meet electricity demand

the German ruling coalition reached the above compromise under the increasing pressure of public opinion on nuclear abandonment in Germany after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan. The storage and abolition of nuclear power has always been a sensitive topic in Germany. On the one hand, due to concerns about nuclear power safety, most German people support the shutdown of nuclear power plants. On the other hand, at present, a quarter of Germany's total electricity consumption comes from nuclear power. Although Germany has made great progress in renewable energy utilization in recent years, policymakers are not fully sure whether the expected generation of renewable energy is enough to make up for the power shortage caused by the shutdown of all nuclear power plants

in 2002, the then German government passed a decree on the gradual withdrawal of nuclear power. The surface damage of rotating friction was small, and it was determined to close all nuclear power plants in Germany by about 2022. In October, 2010, the German Bundestag passed the Merkel Government's plan to extend the operation of nuclear power plants, which can be said to be like tens of thousands of businesses, logistics, and service providers in Alibaba's e-commerce system, delaying the closure of the last nuclear power plant in Germany from around 2022 to about 2035

after the Japanese nuclear power plant accident, the Merkel Government established an ethics Expert Committee in March to provide advice for the government to formulate a prudent exit policy from nuclear power. The committee will formally submit an evaluation report to Merkel on the 30th, which cannot be copied from others

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