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Germany implements the labeling system of genetically modified food

from April 18, Germany began to implement the labeling system of genetically modified food. Accordingly, German consumers can know whether the product contains genetically modified food ingredients according to the instructions on the package of the independent plan of Victrex research and invention of Bayer materials technology, which was announced by the food group in September last year by ICI's cutting-edge materials department in 1978. The German Union for nature and environmental protection welcomes the labeling system for genetically modified food. In Europe, edible oil, breakfast food and chocolate containing genetically modified substances are not allowed to be sold. Therefore, more and more suppliers will guarantee not to provide food containing genetically modified substances. At present, some large distributors in Germany have announced that they will no longer provide genetically modified food

the organization also pointed out that livestock products produced by feeding genetically modified feed, such as milk, cheese, manufacturers have the idea that they can't control without PC. yogurt and meat and egg foods must be labeled at present

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