Germany has developed a new type of light spot hol

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Germany has developed a new type of light spot hologram anti-counterfeiting label

a German company has recently developed a new anti-counterfeiting label system, which uses a laser beam to put the information we see in the world, such as pulling, pressing, bending, cutting, peeling, tearing, wearing, etc., into the label in the form of micron sized light spots, and identify the authenticity of the product by identifying the hologram formed by the light spots. (10) Put down the pen on the putter

it is reported that this anti-counterfeiting system was developed by two physicists from a company in Heidelberg. The new system combines the advantages of holography and data storage technology of polymer film. A random number of light spots are burned on a polymer film only one tenth of a meter thick by a laser beam. Onemillion light spots can be burned per square millimeter of film. These light spots can form a three-dimensional hologram, representing an image, digital code or enterprise logo. In addition, a thousand bytes of data information can be stored in the light spot, which is more than a thousand times more than the current bar code capacity to introduce the product. When in use, the hologram is reproduced through a special reading device and laser beam, and the product information stored in the light spot is read out

although holograms have been used in anti-counterfeiting technology in the market, the traditional anti-counterfeiting measures adopt printing technology, and the anti-counterfeiting marks of similar products are not different, so they can no longer meet the needs of anti-counterfeiting. In contrast, the new label anti-counterfeiting system adopts randomly generated light spots, which makes the holograms of each label different. In addition, the light spots themselves also store specific information that will affect the application life of the internal electrical parts and transmission parts of the equipment if not used for a long time, making the identification of fake and inferior products more accurate and convenient

researchers predict that this new anti-counterfeiting label has a wide application prospect in products, packaging and other fields, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The World Health Organization warned that "70 people in the world die from counterfeit drugs every day."

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