There are bright spots on the streets of Mount Tai

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There are bright spots on the streets of Taishan, and the street lamps have become smarter.

wuyuexiu/Xinbei report

the "smart street lamp system" commissioned by Taishan District Office by delta power is currently set up around the public market of Taishan with 30 smart street lamps. The street lamps will send messages, switch and adjust brightness by themselves, monitor and determine the force required to expand the tear and PM2.5, and the fault can be automatically reported for repair and broadcast policies. It can be called a smart street lamp robot, In the future, important road sections will be widely set up (see figure, photographed by Wu Yuexiu)

Liu Shufen, head of Taishan District, said that Xinbei city has vigorously promoted energy conservation and carbon reduction in recent years, replacing traditional street lamps with low-energy LED lamps in public electricity, significantly reducing the power consumption of the test speed. However, traditional street lamps, like large parallel electric lamps on the road, can only be turned on or off at a fixed time by Taidian Tongyi. If the project succeeds, the brightness of street lamps is consistent and cannot be adjusted individually, Once the street lamp fails to light up, it can only rely on people to report for repair or manual troubleshooting, which not only costs a lot of manpower, but also affects the inconvenience and safety of passers-by due to the time-consuming scheduling and repair

in order to make the streetlights more humanized, Taishan District Office commissioned delta electric to design and develop a "smart streetlight system". A prototype "smart light pole" is set in front of Taishan public market, and 30 traditional streetlights around the market are selected to be implanted into the electronic interface, so that the traditional streetlights can be upgraded to "smart streetlights"

pan peihuai, director of the public works Department of Taishan District public office, said that traditional street lamps can only be "on and off together; on and off equally", but each smart street lamp can be controlled remotely. Each street lamp can adjust the switching time and brightness according to the environment of the setting position. If there is a fault, it will automatically report to the system for warning. First, it has an audible and visual alarm device; Torque direction identification; Multiple peak holding; The power display and low battery prompt time notify the maintenance personnel that "I'm not on", greatly reducing the repair time

pan peihuai also said that the top of the smart street lamp is equipped with an air detection system, which can detect the PM2.5 value and send it back to the District Office for monitoring at any time in 24 hours. The street lamp pole is equipped with a monitor and WiFi function, which can not only be used as an intersection monitor. If people approach the street lamp within a certain range, WiFi will automatically send policy propaganda messages to the people

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