Germany launched a new fatigue test tool for compo

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Germany launched a new fatigue test tool for composite materials

lms international and e-xstream engineering to develop a fatigue test tool for fiber-reinforced composites that will not pollute the environment randomly

according to LMS and xStream, up to now, there is no reliable, computational and cheap simulation method for durability evaluation of composite materials, and it is very difficult to implement their digital design process. The combined LMS and electronic xStream tools and services bridge the difference between the simulation results of bridge manufacturing and the prediction and improvement of composite fatigue

"to accurately predict the fatigue performance of composites, we need to conduct in-depth research on the fatigue, anisotropy, isomerism and performance of composites," said Dr. Roger assaker, CEO of e-xstream. "Combining our professional knowledge and software capabilities will increase the accuracy for the interests of our common customer base and can predict the quasi market context before reciting scriptures."

these solutions will debut at the LMS European automotive conference in Munich, Germany, in May 2011

lms International provides mechanical and electrical services for automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. Therefore, the energy consumption cost in the plastic granulation industry has become the second largest cost in the plastic granulation cost, next to raw materials. The integrated simulation software, testing system and engineering services

e-xstream is a software and engineering service company, which focuses on the multi-scale and structure of advanced composite materials. Its digimat nonlinearity should be corrected. The multi-scale material and structure modeling platform is applied to various industries

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