Germany becomes the pioneer of EU green packaging

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Germany has become the pioneer of green packaging in the European Union. Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium actively respond to the green packaging concept advocated by Germany and support the use of biodegradable packaging in the retail sector

the International Association of biodegradable polymers (IBAW) claimed that other EU countries called for the establishment of a set of regulations in Germany to reduce the cost of biodegradable packaging materials and attract more brand suppliers and retailers to enter this field. Referring to the German Packaging directive formulated in May this year, the German government has established a set of new regulations. The flash lamp of photography will illuminate the night like day 1, exempting all green dot fees of degradable packaging material suppliers. Green dot is the packaging recycling fee charged from packaging suppliers

ibaw Council assistant Marko Schnarr said: "Germany is likely to become an example of other EU Member States, which will reverse the current situation that the commercialization of degradable packaging in Germany is obviously backward, and Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom rank ahead of Germany in this field. IBAW believes that the exemption of green dot fees will help the development of the degradable packaging material market, and also make this packaging material have a greater competitive advantage and improve its own green shape Like value, many retailers also have solvency. If enterprises want to break through this dilemma, the unreachable high cost is gradually away from them

ibaw claims that the commercialization of degradable packaging materials is still small, but its market will soon be expanded after the promulgation of this regulation. Because the green dot cost of packaging materials will be exempted, biodegradable packaging materials must rely on natural resources and become an inherent feature of this packaging product. Green dot is formulated by the Irish government. Packaging suppliers holding the green dot logo in designated countries must pay a certain amount of packaging waste recycling and disposal fees. Since 2001, Germany, Australia, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain have joined the program

Author: Sun Jingyu information source: International Packaging

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