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Carbon belt saving function of barcode machine series

does your barcode opportunity save you costs

reducing production costs is an important part of doing business. When purchasing printing equipment, you must pay attention to whether its functions can match the production. South Africa should help you improve cost-effectiveness

large institutions need to strengthen logistics management and production process control, and generally add bar codes to product packaging, tags and outer box labels. Many famous brand products, such as Nike, have spent a lot of effort on label design in order to establish brand image and product publicity. Therefore, generally, there are two types of information on product labels - fixity (such as product drawings, symbols and brand names) and variability (such as size, price, bar code, etc.)

the system has the function of independent evaluation. Manufacturers can pre print the fixed data on the label first, and then print the variable data with the barcode machine. The advantage of bar code machine lies in its flexibility, because it can connect to the computer. It only needs to establish a database on the computer to control the content, typesetting, data and quantity of printing at any time. It can also compile and print "serial code" as needed, which is more convenient and faster than traditional printing equipment, with combined cost-effectiveness

due to the need to cooperate with the label design, variable data often occupy only 10-20% of the whole tag. Therefore, choosing a barcode machine with ribbon save function can save a lot of resources. For example, the powerful carbon belt saving function of Avery Dennison bar code machine has greatly reduced production costs for many companies

ribbon saving function = three stepping motor design

the principle of carbon saving ribbon is that when encountering a blank position, on the one hand, the label continues to operate as usual, on the other hand, the printing head needs to be lifted up, and at the same time, the input of the ribbon stops

taking the carbon belt saving function of Avery Dennison barcode machine as an example, the loss of carbon belt can be reduced to only 1.2mm. The secret is that there are three stepping motors in the machine to control the operation of labels and carbon belts and the activity of print heads -

1 Label motor controls the conveying of labels

2 The head motor moves the side press printing head up and down

3 The ribbon motor is responsible for inputting the speed of the ribbon

the above three motors are related to each other. They must cooperate properly to fully play the function of carbon saving ribbon, otherwise the label and the ribbon will be chapped or even cut off due to friction. Compared with other barcode machines with only one motor, the design of three motors strengthens the control of conveying consumables, greatly reduces the chance of belt wrinkling or belt breaking, and minimizes the loss of carbon belt

with the development of economy, take the wave shoe ruler in the attached figure as an example

barcode printing range: 0.00087 square meters (15mm × 58mm)

the whole ruler: 0.00986 square meters (170mm × 58mm)

printing quantity: 100.000 scales 1 Add shims in the fixture

ribbon cost: hk$5/square meter

ribbon cost

with Avery Dennison ribbon saving function: hk$435

no ribbon saving function: hk$4,9 computer magnification from 100 times to 1600 times 30

maximum cost savings: hk$4495

for the above example, printing 100000 labels can save HK $4495 (about 90% of ribbon cost). It can be seen that the ribbon saving function of barcode machine is very important to reduce production costs

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