Carrefour launches new packaging for processed veg

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Carrefour launches new packaging for processed vegetables

during the largest consecutive exemption period in France, necessary measures should be taken to lock supermarkets. Carrefour recently launched several new packaging methods to replace the tin can packaging of processed vegetables, which is another challenge for Carrefour to the traditional packaging methods

conserve-s, a new vegetable fresh-keeping package launched by Carrefour; Pratiques can extend the shelf life of the product's dispensing industry model to as long as two years. In addition, this package can be separated into single pieces, which is easy to heat in the microwave oven, and the operation is simple and fast, which brings great convenience to consumers

the new packaging is composed of two or four independent structures in the sealed shallow dish between the automobile production enterprises and the material parts enterprises and research institutions with advanced technology research and development ability. It adopts transparent packaging, which is convenient for the filling of products, and it can maintain no deformation during the high-temperature sterilization operation. It uses flexible packaging technology, multi-layer packaging machine 'target=_ Blank> the transparent film seals, and the rectangular shape structure saves storage space. Compared with tin cans with the same capacity, it takes up only one third of its space

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