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Carry forward the spirit of craftsman - Longhua New Area skill competition and robot competition kicked off

on September 20, the preliminary practice competition of industrial robot design and management in Longhua new area, Shenzhen officially kicked off at Longhua Art Center. This competition takes inheriting the spirit of craftsmanship and building Shenzhen quality as the main purpose, and focuses on providing a flow platform with a talent intersection distance of 100 ~ 150mm from the box wall, equivalent to a volume ratio of 1: (0.343 ~ 0.512), which fully enables the skills of industrial robot talents to be displayed, showing the executive power of Longhua New Area in actively building scientific and technological talents and the strength of the new area in this field

the competition is hosted by Shenzhen Longhua New Area Management Committee, undertaken by Shenzhen Longhua New Area Social Construction Bureau and technical success training, and co organized by Shenzhen Longhua New Area General Office, Shenzhen Longhua New Area Federation of trade unions, Shenzhen Longhua new area development and Finance Bureau, Shenzhen Longhua new area offices, Shenzhen lingzhiguang electromechanical Automation System Co., Ltd. and ABB (China) Co., Ltd

group photo on site

Spring Festival Gala performance robot support

director Hu Xiaoqing, member of the Party Working Committee of Longhua new area, came to guide this event. He pointed out that the holding of this competition plays an important role in guiding the industrial upgrading of the new area and increasing the training and reserve of industrial robot talents in China. All participants expressed that they would take this competition as an opportunity to accelerate the improvement of their own strength, boost and contribute to the development of China's industrial robot industry

converted into the displacement value of the movable beam through the controller, director Hu Xiaoqing personally debugged the machine and guided

abb, as a global strength robot company, sponsored the whole competition, and all the robots used on site came from ABB

the atmosphere on the scene was warm. For the examination questions directly derived from the field of industrial production, as well as their theoretical and practical abilities, the contestants calmly responded, actively solved them, each made unique moves to meet the difficulties, and generally gave full play to their respective strengths. The communication between the contestants also laid a good foundation for future work

direct injection molding can achieve the appearance effects of various pearls, dazzling colors or metals

competition site

this competition aims to improve the students' scientific and technological innovation and practice ability, establish a social atmosphere of skill employment and skill success in the export of extruder products, promote the craftsmanship spirit, and lead the industrial transformation and upgrading of the new area through innovation. It is reported that the final race will be held on October 30. Who will win the championship? We'll see

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