There is always a new member of the 9C series of f

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Doosan 9C series new members, there is always a favorite

new members of Doosan 9C series, there is always one you like

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I heard that it has been raining in the south for days, and a realistic version of "the sun with anti-skid treatment on the surface of wandering steel pulling plate" was staged. At this time, the three new products of Doosan were like three scorching suns, which brought infinite hope to 2019 on a cloudy day

Doosan small excavation has always been in the state of charging when the machine 1 is always in the heart of many Doosan fans. It is fuel-efficient, flexible and efficient. This time, in addition to the new dx60e-9c, there are two plus (upgraded) models

auspicious, 9C call new

such a sincere work, Doosan's offline ceremony is very simple and simple. Presumably, the dazzling light will be left to the volatile market in other words

products are all good because they are made with heart. What kind of excellent products will such a team focusing on R & D and manufacturing bring us? Preview with Doosan Jun ~



the whole machine continues to have the characteristics of high speed and low energy consumption, and further optimizes the control experience according to the operating habits of Chinese users, integrating fluency, accuracy and stability

equipped with "high-precision hydraulic" system to ensure long-term stable output efficiency; Equipped with high-efficiency power and hydraulic system, combined with the new automatic idle function, to achieve the best fuel economy if the last one is more than half

upgraded operation panel, centralized switch design, diversified storage space, wide driving vision, more surprises waiting for you to explore

dxc plus

dxc plus

the excavation force, walking traction and rotation speed are better than other products of the same tonnage, and the production efficiency is outstanding among products of the same tonnage

it is equipped with a large displacement direct injection engine to ensure efficient working performance. At the same time, it adopts a variety of advanced fuel saving technologies to significantly reduce fuel consumption

the structural parts adopt reinforced design, which is reliable and durable, and can adapt to various harsh working conditions, so as to achieve ideal benefits for customers

dxc plus

dxc plus

can be widely used in municipal construction, highways, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, and can be called "small excavation and all-round cadre"

the selection of medium and large DX series cab and the addition of shockproof suspension seats can effectively reduce driver fatigue and improve work efficiency

the overall performance of the hydraulic system is reasonably matched with the output power of the engine, and the energy loss is greatly reduced; Fuel prefilter and air prefilter are added to ensure the durability of engine quality

how, did the full eyed Doushan orange dispel the haze in your heart

regardless of the weather around us, with Doosan service company,

with the blessing of 9C new products, this 2019 must be sunny

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