Carbon fiber composite hybrid aircraft launched in

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The United States launched carbon fiber composite hybrid aircraft

Volta Vol in the United States, such as ring stiffness testing machine, is usually applicable to the heightening of equipment. The new increased production energy of are company is significantly lower than that of 4million ~ 430 tons from 2013 to 2014. Its subsidiary volte aero technologies recently launched GT4 aircraft. They claim that this is the first hybrid, full-scale and high-performance private aircraft built with carbon fiber composite materials in the world. GT4 can take four passengers. Each direct point "query record" structural member is made of carbon fiber composite, which makes the aircraft more stable and flexible. At the same time, its impact resistance of emperor panlite polycarbonate is 200 times that of glass, and it can withstand huge loads, with corrosion resistance, UV radiation resistance and longer service life

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