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Yingben produces electronic packaging materials in the island. Yingben Industrial Company in the island specializes in the production of new packaging materials such as electronic packaging materials, carry tape, cover tape, PP hollow board corrugated and engineering plastics. Its goal is to become a logistics center in Southeast Asia and the mainland market. Now it is still actively raising funds, so it is necessary to reconfirm and build a fourth factory according to these data. It is expected to be completed and join the production line next year (2002)

in the first three quarters of this year, 80% of enterprises in the UK achieved a year-on-year increase in net profit. The company has set up a factory in Suzhou, Shanghai, and will integrate relevant industries and surrounding cooperation plants, expand market supply, and develop industrial products for foreign and Taiwan businesses in the Chinese Mainland market. At present, it has received the support of a number of downstream manufacturers, and will complete mass production next year

zhengpengren, President of yingben company, said that the three modern plants completed by the company in Danshui have a total of more than 2000 floors. The first plant mainly produces thermoplastic containers, finished products, semi-finished products, forming discs, films, plates, such as conductive and anti-static packaging materials, carry tape, cover tape, etc., which are suitable for IC structure, testing, electronic substrate assembly, computer peripheral parts, electronic circuit transportation, product packaging and conversion process, The physical properties after molding comply with EIA, ASTM and JIS standards and specifications

this molding material is a small number of domestic products exported to the United States and Japan. The second factory specializes in making UPS excellent plastic board, namely PP hollow corrugated board, which has excellent physical properties such as insulation, conductivity, anti-static, etc. required by precision zero reinforced pieces, integrated circuits and information industry. It is a new packaging material to replace the traditional corrugated paper and paper interlayer drive precision hydraulic cylinders. Yousu box is a multifunctional commodity box made of PP hollow corrugated board through processing and combination. Yousu board is a kind of ingenious double-layer hollow laminated board, which combines difficult technology and polymer extrusion molding. It has been widely used in developing countries, and has no environmental problems. The board can be reused and resources can be recycled

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