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Careful care of inkjet printers

nowadays, with the hot sales of various digital products and the prevalence of SOHO working methods, printers have entered ordinary families. But after all, home users do not have too high requirements for the performance and workload of printers, so inkjet printers with relatively low prices have become the first choice for home users. According to incomplete statistics, the number of inkjet printers in China has exceeded 15million by 2004. The maintenance of inkjet printer is a big problem. How to maintain your favorite machine is not only directly related to the service life of the machine, but also significantly affects your use cost. Here, we make a simple summary of the daily maintenance of inkjet printers

I. there are also skills for daily use

1. Before formal use, you must ensure that the printer is placed on a stable desktop and not too far away from the power supply and computer, so as to facilitate the connection between the machine power supply and the signal line. At the same time, avoid placing various items on the top of the printer to prevent the machine from deforming under load, which will affect its normal work

2. The working environment of the printer cannot be ignored, and a clean environment must be provided for it. If the dust content of the printer is too high, it will easily lead to poor lubrication of the guide shaft of the printer, so that the movement of the print head is blocked in the printing process, resulting in inaccurate printing position or hitting the mechanical frame, resulting in panic

3. In the printing state, close the front cover of the printer in time to prevent dust or other hard objects from entering the machine, which will hinder the normal operation of the internal parts of the printer and cause machine failure. One thing to pay special attention to is that you must not plug and unplug the print data line when it is powered on, because this will damage the print interface of the printer and the parallel serial port of the computer, and even puncture the motherboard of the computer in serious cases

4. Some printers are mechanically locked in the initial state. At this time, if you move the print head by hand, it will not be able to leave the initial position. Be careful not to forcibly move the print head, otherwise the mechanical part of the printer will be damaged. In addition, in some cases, due to the external crash of the computer, the print head of the printer cannot return to its original position. When restarting, the printer will first return the print head to its original position, and then clean the print head, resulting in unnecessary waste of ink. To solve this problem, we must often wipe the dust on the guide shaft

5. If the print output of the machine is not clear enough, its automatic cleaning function can be used to clean the print head, but it needs to consume a small amount of toner. If the printing of the machine is still unsatisfactory after several times of continuous cleaning, it may be that the ink has been used up and a new ink cartridge needs to be replaced in time

II. Maintenance skills of inkjet head

in this regard, you first need to understand that the nozzle of inkjet printer is composed of many small nozzles. The size of the nozzle is similar to that of dust particles in the air. If dust enters the nozzle, the nozzle will be blocked. Liquid crystal polymer refers to a high molecular material plug that can form a liquid crystalline state under certain conditions and cannot normally eject ink. At this time, it is also easy to make the nozzle panel contaminated by ink. In addition, if there are bubbles left in the nozzle, it will also lead to poor ink injection. In these cases, you should do the following:

Epson printer inkjet head

1. The nozzle cannot be removed from the machine and placed separately. If placed alone for a long time, the water contained in the ink will gradually evaporate naturally, so the dried ink will lead to nozzle blockage. If the nozzle has been blocked, it should be cleaned in time. If the cleaning of traditional chemical fiber materials is far from meeting the needs of these fields and the goal cannot be achieved, the nozzle should be replaced with a new one. In addition, avoid hitting the nozzle surface with hands or various tools to avoid damage to the nozzle surface

2. You cannot turn off the power directly during printing. The printer should be switched to the off line state first, and the power can be turned off only after the nozzle is completely covered by the cap. Otherwise, for some printers, the capping operation will not be performed, so that the nozzle will be exposed to the air, which will cause the ink to dry up

3. When the nozzle is blocked, do not blow into the nozzle, nor stain sweat, oil, alcohol, drugs, etc. on the nozzle, because the viscosity of the ink will change, resulting in ink solidification and blockage

III. maintenance skills of ink cartridges

1 The ink cartridge should be stored in a black, sealed packaging bag before use. The temperature should be at normal room temperature. If it is too low, the ink in the box may freeze. If it is placed in a high temperature environment for a long time, the ink composition may change physically

2. Do not put the ink cartridge in a place where the sun can shine directly. When installing the ink cartridge, pay attention to prevent dust from mixing with the ink to cause pollution. For the nozzle separated from the ink cartridge, do not touch the ink outlet with your hand, so as to prevent impurities from mixing and causing blockage

3. In order to ensure the printing quality of the machine, you should choose a model matching the printer. The ink cartridge is a disposable product and should be replaced in time after it is used up, instead of injecting inferior ink into the ink cartridge to continue to use

4. The ink has conductivity, so it is necessary to prevent the waste ink from splashing on the printed circuit board of the machine and causing a short circuit. If the printed circuit board has been stained with ink, alcohol containing paper towels should be used in time. The laboratory should select the above method for verification and wiping according to the established relevant work procedures

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