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Railway construction safety management card control measures

all departments and offices of the project department and all shelf teams:

according to the relevant documents such as the measures for the construction safety management of railway business lines (tie ban [2012] No. 280), the implementation rules for the construction safety management of railway business lines of Wuhan Railway Administration (Wu tie Yun [2013] No. 18), the card control measures for the construction safety management of business lines of Wuhan Railway Administration (Wu tie an Han [2013] No. 394) and in combination with the actual situation of the project, Formulate this measure

I. on the safety protection card control measures for the construction of business lines and adjacent business lines

1. For the construction of business lines and adjacent business lines, the project department must set up protection according to the principle of "three in one", that is, stop protection, on-site protection, and mobile protection in the direction of traffic at the construction site according to the driving speed

2. The protective personnel of the construction unit must be trained in the use of business thermoplastic materials, which is limited to the construction safety of small component lines. After passing the examination, they must dress according to the regulations, carry protective spare parts and communication equipment, and work with certificates

3. When the train passes through the construction site, the protectors of the project department and the management personnel of relevant units must stand together to pick up the train. When picking up the vehicle, the protector of the project department holds the folded yellow signal flag

4. During construction, if the safety supervisors of relevant management units find hidden dangers endangering driving safety, the project leaders are responsible for formulating special measures and timely rectification. During the construction process, the reasonable opinions of the safety supervisors of relevant management units shall be adopted in time

5. The setting and removal of construction protection shall be the responsibility of the main construction unit and reported to the safety supervisor of the relevant management unit for confirmation

6. protection of construction machinery adjacent to the business line

(1) the construction machinery operation adjacent to the business line must meet the requirements of equipment safety clearance, and the protection shall be set in strict accordance with the protection principles in this method

(2) during the construction of construction machinery, the construction site must be protected by special personnel in accordance with the requirements that universal insurance is actually an insurance product with investment function, "one machine and one person". When the train is 800 meters away from the construction site, and 10 minutes before the EMU is close, the protector will notify the construction site to stop working

7. Construction protection of over crossing railway structures

(1) for cross structure construction operations on business lines (excluding large construction machinery), protective facilities must be set up in strict accordance with relevant requirements to prevent construction materials from falling. Strictly follow: without protective facilities, it is not allowed to use the train interval to construct on the upper span structure; If there are protective facilities, all operations on the structure must be stopped when the train passes, and the operators must stop walking

(2) when there are trains passing through the business line, engineering vehicles are forbidden to run on the bridge deck. When construction vehicles need to run through, the project department will set up a station liaison at the station and set up a guard on the site. The station liaison of the construction unit shall understand the train operation plan from the station attendant and formulate the plan request for construction vehicles to pass through the bridge deck. The station attendant shall arrange to use the train interval to pass through the bridge deck according to the actual operation of the train; The site protection personnel of the construction unit shall release the construction vehicles according to the notice of the station protection personnel; The on-site safety supervisor of the public works department supervises and checks

(3) the construction of construction vehicles (including large-scale construction and road maintenance machinery) on the bridge deck of the overpass crossing the business line must be reported to the Railway Bureau's monthly construction plan, carried out in the skylight point, and construction operations outside the skylight point are strictly prohibited

(4) why are plastic bags rarely recycled? " The passageway must be equipped with iron doors, and the two ends of the bridge deck shall be closed for management, and special personnel shall be assigned to guard 24 hours a day to prevent miscellaneous personnel and construction personnel from entering the bridge deck without protection, endangering the traffic safety of the business line

8. Safety measures for large machinery construction near the railway business line

(1) safety control of construction machinery

① all large machinery construction near the existing line must have equipment inspection certificate. For special equipment, there must be special equipment inspection certificate and review record in accordance with national regulations. The physical and mechanical department shall try to keep copies of relevant certificates, and urge relevant units or personnel to conduct annual examination in time to ensure that the certificates are qualified and valid

② for large-scale machinery near the existing line, the physical and mechanical department must register the name, model, number, certificate, height, condition, operator, operation certificate, etc. of the equipment, implement numbering management, and do a good job in the corresponding account for future reference

③ all large-scale mechanical operations adjacent to the existing line must meet the requirements of equipment safety clearance, and the protection principle of "one machine, one person, and people with mobility" must be strictly followed during operation; When the train approaches 800 meters from the construction site, the operation shall be stopped 10 minutes before the EMU approaches. At the same time, foreign supervisors arranged by the public works section (bridge section) and power supply section are invited to supervise the protection on site

④ it is strictly forbidden to hand over the machine to unlicensed personnel and personnel who are not familiar with the performance of mechanical equipment. When the site is narrow and the construction machinery may invade the adjacent existing line, try to avoid the arm and bucket of excavators, lifting equipment and other machinery rotating in a circular direction to the side of the existing line

the reward standard will be doubled on the basis of the original subsidy ⑤ the horizontal projection distance of large machinery operation must be greater than 2m from the outer edge of the column

⑥ strengthen the pre job training of operators and increase their safety awareness

(2) safety protection measures

① equipment reinforcement measures: the installation site of large machinery should be flat, compacted and free of obstacles. It can bear the working pressure of large machinery. When the foundation is soft and the bearing capacity is insufficient, measures should be taken to deal with it. For large machinery that may invade existing lines, guardrails, overhead lines and other equipment (mechanical height ≥ the distance between machinery and guardrails, overhead lines), the easy reverse direction should be avoided from existing lines and overhead lines as far as possible during construction. Large machinery must be equipped with cable wind rope and other anti overturning measures as required. Directional reinforcement measures such as cable wind rope shall be taken for the fixed bridge pile drill (directional reinforcement is to set cable wind rope in the opposite direction of the existing line and overhead line)

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