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Current situation and development trend of vacuum aluminized film

1. Aluminized film and flexible packaging

in the past few years, the application of aluminized film in flexible packaging has increased significantly. The rapid expansion of its market is mainly due to the technical factors of aluminized film and the economic and environmental factors of processing and manufacturing

2. Basic principle of high vacuum coating

high vacuum coating refers to the melting and evaporation of aluminum wire through high temperature under high vacuum, and the aluminum evaporation precipitation is adsorbed on the surface of flexible materials, so that these surfaces have metallic luster and form a protective layer, which has technical characteristics, so it can be suitable for the specific use of the final product of flexible packaging

the film materials to be evaporated are placed at the raw materials. The film passes through a series of guide rollers in a certain way, is connected to the receiving shaft, and is placed in the vacuum chamber that has received great attention in the energy storage field since the introduction of the sealed all vanadium liquid flow battery energy storage technology. A three-stage vacuum pump is used to vacuum. When the vacuum degree in the true chamber reaches more than 10 negative quartic Torr, the pre installed evaporation boat begins to heat up, When the temperature reaches above 1400 ℃, the aluminum wire begins to melt and evaporate. When the aluminized substrate passes through the aluminum evaporation area from the evaporation boat at the running speed of M/min, the aluminum evaporation is adsorbed on the surface of the film; The temperature of the aluminized film is generally very high, so it needs to be cooled, otherwise the shape and properties of the film will change, which will bring unexpected problems to users. Therefore, we use the cooling system that can reach minus 5 ℃ - minus 10 ℃. 3. Friction sub system for cooling, The temperature of the cooled aluminum coating can be controlled within an appropriate range: we use an infrared automatic film thickness detector to detect the appearance of the aluminum coating and other indicators

3. Characteristics of aluminized film

(1) appearance: because the aluminized film has high metallic luster and good reflectivity, the use of aluminized film in flexible packaging can form a strong color contrast with ink. Increase the reflection of light, make the packaging produce a very eye-catching optical effect, and increase the aesthetic degree of the product

(2) barrier property: after vacuum aluminizing, the barrier property of the film material can be greatly improved. For some products that need to extend the shelf life, the flexible packaging of vacuum aluminizing film is a good choice

(3) low cost and good processability

compared with aluminum foil, VMPET has greater price advantages. Set up equivalent to only half of aluminum foil

aluminized film substrate has good physical and mechanical properties. It is not easy to appear kneading, folding, fracture and other phenomena in the composite processing, which is conducive to improving the production efficiency and the rate of qualified products applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials; The aluminized film has conductivity, which can avoid quality problems or failures caused by static electricity during processing, and is more conducive to safe production. Especially when packaging powdery goods, the aluminized film can eliminate static electricity and ensure the good sealing performance

(4) meet the environmental protection requirements

the main energy consumed by aluminized products is electricity, which will not produce waste water and waste gas in the production process, and the residual alumina can be recycled; In addition, there is very little aluminum deposited on the surface of the aluminum coating during aluminum plating (generally only angstrom), so it can be considered that the essence of the substrate has not been changed; From the perspective of environmental protection, the relative error within the same scale range of the aluminum plated film is the same. The film is a "single material", so they can be more easily split for cyclic production or incineration treatment

development trend of vacuum aluminum coating

1 Development trend of vacuum coating machine

· wide

· high speed

· automation

2 Paper aluminizing: due to environmental factors, the variety and output of paper aluminizing will have a great development

3. Aluminum plated pattern

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