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Current situation and development trend of Color Masterbatch (Part 2)

development trend of color masterbatch technology

the core of the development of color masterbatch technology lies in the mutual compatibility of pigments, dispersants and carriers, the key lies in improving the dispersion of pigments, and the goal is to improve the pigment content and coloring efficiency in color masterbatch

(1) high concentration of pigment masterbatch is the trend of development in the future. The higher the pigment content in the masterbatch, the more difficult it is to disperse, so the requirements for pigments (mainly micronization and dispersibility) are higher and higher. At present, 80% of the market of pigments used for high concentration masterbatch is occupied by foreign multinational companies. These pigments have been treated before leaving the factory, and the technology in this regard is highly confidential. Its technical advantages are very obvious. For example, the color sand, a new product launched by American Sunchemical company, has a pigment content of up to 90%, which has the characteristics of good dispersion effect and moderate cost (lower than wet process), and can be directly applied or used to prepare high concentration color masterbatches. With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, the application of some pigments (dyes) containing heavy metals and azo is more and more limited. Therefore, the development of new, efficient, micronized, easily dispersed, non-toxic and stable pigments is the future development trend

(2) dispersant dispersant plays the role of wetting and coating pigments in the preparation of Color Masterbatch, and dispersing auxiliary pigments in the carrier. The research on dispersants abroad is more comprehensive and in-depth, and the varieties are relatively complete. For example, cericust series micro powder wax, a new pigment dispersant introduced by Clariant company, has a size close to that of pigment particles. The wax powder is very easy to fill between pigment particles and play a wetting role, thus significantly improving the dispersion effect of pigments and effectively improving the coloring intensity. China has also carried out some research in this regard. For example, the super dispersed lubricant SFR developed by Chongqing Zhongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. improves the affinity for pigments by introducing polar groups into EBS; Ch series hyperdispersants introduced by Shanghai Sanzheng polymer materials Co., Ltd. can effectively improve the dispersion performance of pigments. The micronization, high functionality and specialization of dispersants are the development direction in the future

(3) carrier carrier is an important part of color masterbatch. Its function is to enhance the affinity between pigment and colored resin, and improve the dispersion and mixing of colored components in colored resin. With the application of metallocene catalysis technology in polymer synthesis industry, a series of new synthetic resin materials (POE, act elastomer, etc.) have come out and have been widely used. Compared with the resin prepared by zieglernasa catalytic technology, the new synthetic resin has the advantages of narrow molecular weight distribution, high melt viscosity, suitable for high filling, and is very suitable for the preparation of high concentration color masterbatch

with the development and maturity of reactive extrusion technology, reactive extrusion technology has been successfully applied in the synthesis of high viscosity nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane. Because the reactive extrusion technology has the advantages of low investment, short production cycle and flexible and convenient design, it is suitable for Color Masterbatch enterprises to synthesize low molecular weight carriers such as nylon and pet. In this way, color masterbatch enterprises can prepare a series of carriers with different molecular weights according to production needs, greatly expanding the selection range of carriers

(4) new technology of chemical bonding the new technology of Color Masterbatch based on chemical bonding has opened up a new direction for coloring technology, that is, through chemical reaction, the dye is directly bonded with the carrier resin to realize the combination of the Dyeing Group and the colored object at the molecular level. This new color masterbatch can solve the transparency of products and the migration of dyes at the same time, which is a new direction worthy of attention

(5) new mixing and plasticizing equipment the development of mixing and plasticizing equipment will promote the progress of color masterbatch technology. The new and efficient mixing equipment can not only effectively improve the preparation level of Color Masterbatch, but also greatly improve the production efficiency. For example, the HFMD mixing equipment of Canada c0l0rtech company uses a complex dispersive friction flow mechanism to generate heat energy. Compared with the traditional method of generating heat energy through shearing, it has the advantages of uniform heating of materials, no high-temperature hot spots and high shear action zones. Generally, it only takes 10-15 seconds to activate and release the effective demand of downstream industries for new material products to prepare polyethylene masterbatch, so as to effectively reduce the degradation of polymers Reduce the consumption of antioxidants and reduce the discoloration of some pigments and fillers. In a word, the application of efficient processing equipment in the color masterbatch industry provides a strong guarantee for the preparation of color masterbatches with excellent performance

discussion on the development ideas of China's Color Masterbatch industry

the future development trend of color masterbatch is towards multi-function, high color content and high technology content. At present, the current situation of color masterbatch in China is that the demand growth rate is fast, the technical content is low, the supply of medium and low-grade products exceeds the demand, and high-grade products need to be imported in large quantities. Therefore, color masterbatch enterprises should strive to improve the technical content of products, develop new varieties in line with the development trend of China's plastic processing industry, and occupy the high-end product market as soon as possible, so as to remain invincible in the fierce market competition

(1) strengthening standards and regulations 1) integrating upstream resources and accelerating product structure adjustment

in order to put the passive situation of single product structure of decolorizing masterbatch and low proportion of high-performance products as soon as possible, Chinese Color Masterbatch enterprises should cooperate with upstream enterprises and scientific research institutes to develop pigments and dispersants suitable for Color Masterbatch, increase product varieties, improve product technical content, and make color masterbatch products develop towards high quality

(2) increase the research and development of special color masterbatches for polymer blends and engineering plastics

the vigorous development of polymer alloys and blends and the wide application of engineering plastics have greatly expanded the application field and scope of plastics, providing a good opportunity for the development of the color masterbatch industry. However, a small amount of water will cause unsmooth phenomena such as silver wire on the product surface, which is the development focus of the color masterbatch industry in China

(3) the rapid development of information industry provides a new development opportunity for the color masterbatch industry. While enjoying the convenience and rapidity brought by high technology, human beings have increasingly increased requirements for the appearance and decoration of products. Therefore, the development of special color masterbatches with special decorative effects, such as color changing function, luminous function, energy storage and luminous function, has great market potential in computer shell, accessories, etc

(4) at present, more and more attention has been paid to the multi-functional and composite color masterbatch with flame retardancy, anti-oxidation, anti violet, anti-static and other functions. Therefore, it is necessary to deeply study the interaction between flame retardants, anti oxidants, anti ultraviolet agents and pigments, and develop multi-functional composite color masterbatch

(5) due to the development of ecology, physiology and industrial toxicology, the application of some azo dyes and pigments containing heavy gold is more and more restricted due to the temperature instability

the environment and actively respond to foreign trade barriers (such as the EU's import restrictions on products containing azo dyes), it is recommended to give priority to the development of environmentally friendly color masterbatches with little environmental pollution

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