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The current situation and development trend of metal cutting sawing machine

modern manufacturing industry is developing towards high efficiency, high precision and economy. As the starting point of metal cutting, sawing has become an important part in the process of parts processing. The utility model has the advantages of saving materials, reducing secondary processing amount and improving production efficiency. Therefore, the sawing machine, especially the automatic sawing machine, has been widely expected to be used in steel, machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petroleum, mining, aerospace and other fields by 2020

1. Status quo

bow sawing machine, circular sawing machine and band sawing machine are the three main forms of sawing machine. Among them, the band sawing machine is gradually replacing the traditional bow sawing machine and circular sawing machine and begins to occupy the dominant position. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, hacksaw machines have been basically eliminated, while band sawing machines are rapidly popularized, especially in Germany. Taking Germany Bellinger company, the world's No. 1 sawing machine manufacturer, as an example, its history of producing double column band sawing machines has been more than 20 years. So far, nearly 100 models have been developed, reaching a very high technical level

in terms of material utilization, the band sawing machine has obvious advantages, such as fast cutting speed, high dimensional accuracy and small material loss. In addition, the band sawing machine is widely used because of its wide adaptability, low power consumption, simple operation, easy maintenance and angle cutting

among the gantry band sawing machines of Zhejiang Weiye sawing machine Co., Ltd.

band sawing machines, the double column band sawing machine has the best performance. It adopts the integral saw frame structure of double guide column hydraulic cylinder and uses the parallel method for sharp cutting. The rigidity is durable, which ensures the working stability of the saw frame and improves the service life of the saw belt

2. Development trend

with the increasing status of metal sawing in metal cutting processing, the manufacturing level of sawing machine has been further improved, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) further improvement of machining accuracy

advanced variable frequency motor drive, fine ball screw transmission and laser positioning mode are adopted, and the hydraulic system controlled by servo is equipped. The whole sawing process, saw blade speed The feed speed and clamping force can be arbitrarily set and optimally combined to improve the machining accuracy of the sawing machine. In addition, the key technical point of metal sawing - high-precision cutting force control has always been the focus of sawing machine technology research, and German Bellinger sawing machine has well solved this problem. The sawing machine can control the constant cutting force and ensure the constant cutting rate of sawing irregular sections. The machining accuracy of the sawing machine is also high. For example, when cutting thick wood, the error of cutting height per 100mm is only 0.1mm

(2) high efficiency and range expansion of sawing machine

improving sawing efficiency, especially for thick wood and hard metal, to avoid sawing becoming the bottleneck of the whole production line has been the focus of attention in the field of sawing and sawing machine technology for many years. The cutting rate of 1cr18ni12 stainless steel sawing with German Bellinger sawing machine is up to 48cm2/min, and the cutting rate of spring replacement is up to 125cm2/min when sawing y40mn steel in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment. The company has also designed a sawing machine equipped with two sawing systems, which can cut the workpiece twice at the same time, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and the economy of sawing

it is a trend to enlarge the sawing range. For example, Germany Bellinger giant horizontal band sawing machine can cut up to 2.5m × 2.0m solid square timber. The giant vertical band sawing machine can cut plates and bars up to 10m

(3) full digital control and networking of sawing machine

the cutting process of large workpieces often lasts for several hours. In order to ensure the production of one person with multiple machines or the poor production conditions of the jaw, and improve the precision and efficiency of sawing, full digital control of sawing process is imperative

networking production, remote diagnosis and maintenance are the development trend of CNC machine tools, and CNC sawing machines are no exception. Networking production can connect the sawing process with other links of CIMS, improve productivity, and facilitate enterprises to achieve efficient and unified management of all links. Remote diagnosis and maintenance is the result of economic globalization, which can provide extremely fast equipment maintenance in transnational regions. For example, the BEHRINGER CNC sawing machine in Germany can be connected with its technical center for remote maintenance by technical experts. (end)

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