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The current situation and development trend of cigarette packet printing in Guangdong (II)

3 The status of Guangdong cigarette package printing materials: the pursuit of high-grade is concentrated in the core area of the Pearl River Delta.

in terms of packaging materials, the cigarette package in Guangdong is generally high-grade in the application of materials, from soft coated paper package to ordinary white cardboard, glass cardboard and aluminum foil gold and silver cardboard hard box packaging, and then to pet mirror composite cardboard hard box packaging, laser rainbow cardboard (including BOPP laser rainbow cardboard and pet laser rainbow cardboard). Individual enterprises have developed from the partial use of laser materials for decoration (such as laser electrochemical aluminum hot stamping) to the overall and full page combination of laser materials and printing. There are hundreds of enterprises producing cigarette packaging materials in Guangdong. The representative enterprises are: Zhuhai Hongta Renheng paper (white cardboard), Shantou Free Trade Zone Wanshun packaging materials (composite alloy, silver cardboard, laser transfer cardboard), Shantou Jiaxin packaging materials (all kinds of gold and silver, transfer cardboard, etc.), Zhanjiang packaging materials (BOPP tobacco film), Zhongshan Yongning (BOPP tobacco film), Foshan DuPont Hongji (BOPET), Guangzhou bearded packaging materials (gold wire) Huadu Yongshun (unpacking stay wire and cigarette mouth flower), Zhongshan Yuanhong packaging material (gold stay wire, laser anti-counterfeiting material), Guangdong Huaye packaging material (BOPP cigarette film), etc

4. The situation of cigarette package printing market in Guangdong Province: there are numerous disputes and gunpowder smoke

at present, the reform of the national tobacco industry is being actively carried out. By the end of 2004, the number of cigarette enterprises in China has been reduced from 123 to 56. According to the plan, it will be adjusted to 30 ~ 50 in about three years. The ultimate goal is to cultivate and form a number of large enterprises with international competitiveness. Similarly, the tobacco industry in Guangdong is also accelerating the implementation of the overall strategy of "big enterprise, big market and big brand". On january12,2005, Guangdong China Tobacco Corporation, which has just been established for less than one year, reorganized its second Guangzhou cigarette factory and Shaoguan cigarette factory into Guangdong general cigarette factory after the completion of the experiment. Meizhou cigarette factory and Zhanjiang cigarette factory were merged and reorganized into Guangdong general cigarette factory. The original four cigarette factories no longer have the legal personality and become the production points of Guangdong general cigarette factory. The restructured Guangdong general cigarette factory and Guangdong China tobacco company operate in the mode of "one set of institutions, two brands". The industrial profits and taxes of Guangdong cigarettes will increase from 8.8 billion yuan last year to 10billion yuan. The restructured Guangdong cigarette general factory will focus on developing five major cigarette brands: "double government funded Xi", "five leaf God", "red rose king", "coconut tree" and "Yangcheng". According to the "three-step" development strategy of the province's cigarette industry, Guangdong's tobacco industry enterprises may promote cross provincial joint restructuring in the next step

according to the analysis of the situation after the joint reorganization of various regions, the procurement and printing of cigarette packaging materials will take a fixed-point approach. The production plans of more than 180 cigarette factories nationwide will first be concentrated in 36 large-scale cigarette factories determined by the state tobacco monopoly administration. The printing business of cigarette packaging will first be decentralized to the fixed-point cigarette packaging printing factories that are joint ventures or joint ventures with tobacco enterprises. For Guangdong cigarette packaging factories, which are mostly wholly-owned enterprises, It will be more difficult to compete for cigarette bag orders when cigarette bag factories in other provinces have the same strength. In fact, workers will carry out green and harmless pretreatment for vehicles. In the past two years, the market competition of Guangdong cigarette bag is very fierce, and the life of some cigarette bag factories is becoming more and more difficult. Shunde Guangyong packaging used to be a subsidiary of Guangzhou cigarette factory, but now it has basically stopped production due to the withdrawal of the second factory. Shantou Yuedong used to mainly print the "red rose" of Shaoguan tobacco factory. Recently, it also lost the largest order and its operation was in trouble. Shenzhen Tianshi used to make more than RMB 500million a year, but this year or two it has also dropped to RMB 150million. Dongguan Humen color printing used to focus on cigarette packets. In the past two years, the printing volume of "stationery" and "colorful greeting cards" has gradually increased

II. Development trend of Guangdong cigarette packet printing: competing with end-users to go abroad through joint ventures

although the cigarette packet Market in Guangdong is in the fierce battle of strife, the overall strength of Guangdong cigarette packet printing is strong. Therefore, with the integration of China's tobacco with the world, the cigarette packet products are also required to further move towards high quality and internationalization. The comprehensive strength of tobacco packaging enterprises will become the first factor for the tobacco industry to consider when selecting suppliers. Therefore, Guangdong tobacco packaging enterprises will also have many opportunities in the future competition. Through interviewing relevant industry insiders and reading materials, I analyze that Guangdong cigarette packet printing will develop in the following aspects:

1 Changes in the marketing mode of tobacco packaging products

with the adjustment of Guangdong's tobacco industrial structure, the market concentration is greatly improved, the marketing channels of tobacco packaging enterprises are relatively reduced, the market public relations objectives are more concentrated, and the market share is single. Therefore, replacing steel with plastics is one of the important development trends of automobile lightweight, which will enable local cigarette packaging enterprises to concentrate on winning more orders within and outside the province

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