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Current situation and development trend of configuration software

1 General development trend

configuration software is an integral part of industrial application software, and its development is restricted by many factors. In the final analysis, the driving of application plays the most critical role in its development

in the future, sensors, data acquisition devices and controllers will become more and more intelligent, and the demand for real-time data browsing and management is growing. Some buyers even require to supervise the manufacturing process of orders in their own offices. Some devices directly embed "webserver" and can directly access process real-time data through Ethernet. Even so, it can not be considered that the configuration software is no longer needed

the diversity of user requirements determines that it is impossible for any product to cover all the requirements of all users. The requirements of direct users for the human-computer interface of the monitoring system cannot be fixed to a single mode. Therefore, the monitoring system of direct users always needs "configuration" and "customization". This makes it impossible for the configuration software to withdraw from the market, because the demand exists

the emergence of organizations like OPC and the rapid development of fieldbus, especially industrial Ethernet, have greatly simplified the workload of interconnecting heterogeneous devices and developing i/o device driver software. I/o driver software will gradually develop towards standardization

2. The change of configuration software functions

from a single man-machine interface to a data processor, and the amount of data managed is increasing. The earliest configuration software was used to support the hardware of the automation system. At that time, if the hardware system did not have the support of the threshold software that is expected to challenge the total output value of China's wood plastic industry by 60billion yuan, it would be difficult to play a role or even work normally. The situation has changed a lot. On the one hand, the software is partially separated from the hardware. Most of the hardware and software of the automation system are not provided by the same manufacturer, which provides a stage for the development of automation software to give full play

the role of real-time database will be further strengthened. Real time database stores and retrieves continuously changing process data. Its development is inseparable from high-performance computers and large capacity hard disks. Now more and more users analyze production conditions, summarize and count production data through real-time database as the basis for command and decision-making

in the eyes of end users, the role of configuration software in an automation system is gradually increasing, and even some systems cannot lack configuration software at all. The main reason for this is that the software has powerful functions, and users also have universal needs. In the face of the powerful publicity offensive of the manufacturer, the majority of users gradually recognize the value of the software

3. Driving force for the development of configuration software

demand is the first driving force for its development, and the market will gradually expand. The rise of the configuration software market not only saves the system investment for the end users, but also solves the practical problems for the users. Although users need some investment to purchase configuration software, compared with the previous years, the investment has been greatly reduced. Using configuration software, users can "spend a small amount of money and accomplish great things"

China's modernization drive is on the rise. Configuration software is required for the launch of new projects and the transformation of infrastructure. On the other hand, configuration software is also required for the transformation of traditional industries and the upgrading and expansion of original systems

the acceleration of social informatization is a powerful driving force for the growth of configuration software market. With the improvement of economic development, the information society will bring more market opportunities for configuration software

4. Changes in users' requirements for configuration software

the proportion of special systems is increasing. The flexibility and efficiency of the configuration software are a pair of contradictions. Although the configuration software provides many flexible technical means, in most cases, users only use a small part of them, and the complexity of the use method contributes to the strength of PetroChina in the development of high-end polyethylene new products, and brings users a lot of unnecessary trouble in getting familiar with and mastering the software. This is also the main reason why many users are still writing their own automatic monitoring system with VB. In some application fields, the objectives and characteristics of automatic monitoring are relatively single (or enumerable, or can be independently defined, added, deleted through a certain template), and the number is large. Users want to automatically generate most of the automatic monitoring systems, such as elevator automatic monitoring, power equipment monitoring, railway signal monitoring and other application systems. This application system has the characteristics of some "fool" software. Users only need to configure some system hardware and its parameters with the configuration software to automatically generate an automatic monitoring system of a specific mode. If users are not satisfied with the graphical interface of the automatically generated monitoring system, they can also make arbitrary modifications and. This not only meets the user's requirements for simplicity, but also provides relatively perfect tools

configuration software should expand and penetrate into more application fields. The current configuration software is produced in process industrial automation, and many functions do not consider the needs of other application fields. For example, laboratory analysis (chromatograph, infrared instrument, etc., including analysis), virtual instruments (for example, LabVIEW's slogan is thesoftwareistheinstrpp-gf20 or PP-GF30, etc.), testing (such as data recording and playback of logging, mechanical performance test, collision test, etc.), signal processing (such as recording and displaying ship navigation data: radar signal, GPS data, rudder angle, wind speed, etc.). In these fields, real-time data processing software is widely used, and man-machine interface is required. However, the existing configuration software is too little considered for these application fields to fully meet the requirements of the system, so these fields are still dominated by special software. With the rapid development of computer technology, configuration software should more summarize the needs of these fields, design development tools that meet the application requirements, better meet the software needs of these industries, further reduce the software cost of these industries in automatic testing, so the overall cost of using passive heat dissipation is relatively low in data analysis, and improve the openness of the system

embedded applications have further developed. In the past decade, the sales of industrial PC and its related data acquisition and monitoring system hardware have maintained a high growth. The growth of industrial PCs is due to the abundance of software development tools, which are relatively easy to use. The main reason why users accept industrial PCs is that the one-time hardware cost has been reduced, but the subsequent maintenance and upgrade costs are obviously high, which often brings some indirect losses. Commercialized embedded configuration software can effectively solve the work efficiency, maintenance and upgrading of industrial PC monitoring system, completely get rid of the shackles of personal behavior, and make industrial PC monitoring system step into the high-end market of automation system

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