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The current situation and development trend of packaging for elderly products (Part 2)

3.3 conciseness the information loaded by the product should be clear to the elderly at a glance. Its functions and operation methods are simple and clear. There is an example: an elderly man in his 70s received a bottle of precious bone strengthening wine during the Festival. One day, when he wanted to drink, he could not open the bottle cap, which swept away most of his interest. This kind of packing is very unsuitable for the elderly. As the elderly grow older, their reaction and thinking abilities are declining, so the packaging of elderly products must be easy to operate and understand

3.4 aesthetics any user wants to buy more beautiful products, including the elderly. Designers must break the traditional ideas and establish new design ideas. With the changes of the times, the aesthetic taste of the elderly has also undergone corresponding changes. Today's old people are also longing for a more colorful life. Beautiful and generous product packaging will attract more old people's attention. On the other hand, some people who buy products for the elderly are young people. In order to show their filial piety to their elders, they often buy some exquisite gifts to give away. When they choose products with the same quality and different packaging, gifts with more exquisite packaging will be more favored. As the elders of the recipients, they will feel more respect and psychological satisfaction when accepting such exquisite gifts

3.5 safety is another aspect that cannot be ignored in the packaging design of aged products. It not only includes the non-toxic, waterproof, dustproof and other characteristics of packaging materials, but also includes the opening of packaging materials and the safety during use. The elderly themselves are a vulnerable group. With the growth of age, their resistance and responsiveness are declining day by day. If accidental injuries are caused to the elderly due to the safety performance of the packaging, the gains will not outweigh the losses from the manufacturer; Morally speaking, it is also against human nature

4 future development trend of packaging for aged products

the packaging of aged products in the future should not only conform to all the characteristics of good packaging, but also reflect the characteristics of the new era. In essence, any product is ultimately to meet people's needs. With the development of the times, the needs of the elderly are increasingly rich, which requires that the rotating speed of the rotary table is low, and the designer should also segment the market when designing the packaging of the elderly products, so as to meet the delicate and rich needs of the elderly

nowadays, with the (6) twists and turns of people's living environment worsening day by day, the sixth EU China raw materials working group meeting and the regular meeting of the Chinese and Russian prime ministers with the raw materials working group meeting of the industrial cooperation sub committee have attracted more and more attention on the development of ecovio mulching film, which can be decomposed into water, biological resources and carbon dioxide through biodegradation. As we all know, garbage is an important factor affecting the environment, and waste packaging occupies a considerable proportion in garbage. Therefore, in the future, the packaging of elderly products should take the road of green packaging: it should not only save energy, save materials, but also recycle and reuse. This is not only in line with the relatively frugal traditional habits of the elderly, but also in line with the requirements of modern environmental protection

in short, in the future, the packaging of elderly products should be more humanized and environmentally friendly, and develop in the direction of standardization, standardization and modernization. In this way, it can not only meet the special needs of the elderly, a special group, but also meet the overall interests of all mankind

5 conclusion

the elderly product packaging industry is a sunrise industry with great potential. On the one hand, it can promote the development of the overall packaging industry and promote the sales of elderly products; On the other hand, its development enriches the old people's life in their later years and reflects more care for the old people. Therefore, this is a cause that reaps both economic and social benefits. Designers and enterprises should grasp this rare opportunity, correctly position and speed up the research and development of packaging for aged products

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